Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's been a VERY long time since I've taken my own Senior Portraits...2012 marks 20 yrs to be exact! I recall heading to an indoor Studio in a ladies' home out in the Albion area somewhere...not sure, exactly, what to expect.

I'd actually NEVER taken professional photos of me - outside of those silly School ones in the gym!

With a couple horrific outfits in tow...a positively scary hair-style done up...the rest is now documented for all eternity! I'm sure some of you out there still have that photo-copied Wallet picture floating around I just couldn't afford to order many from the Photographer have changed!

Now? We have FUN! Well, maybe I'm the one having all the fun - - but, it's GREAT!!

An extra special THANK YOU to Brian & his mom, Debbie, for sharing the day with me! We 1st met back in June of 2011 when Niels & I shot his big-sisters GORGEOUS Wedding at Brutocao Cellars! So, for me, it's really fun to get to see each other again & feel like part of the Family! Baby Brian's all grown up! xo
Sorry it was sooo cold out...77' on Fri...58' on Sat!? Who knew? But, THANK YOU for being such a Trooper!
Oh! Heck...for those of you just dying to's mine! Go Timberwolves! "-)

Friday, February 24, 2012


Driving through the almost GLOWING rolling hills of green yesterday throughout Sonoma County, I must've talked myself out of stopping to take photos no less than 10 times! Blue skies, newborn animals - it was just so peaceful & breathtaking!

Then, I pulled up to Cline Cellars - which is nestled right in the middle of all that amazement!! What a GORGEOUS Venue to spend the afternoon with past + new friends!!

For those of you that have taken the time to reach out & chat about Photography with know I'm not a big fan of Model Shoots. I've never done one...

I feel Brides should get an honest vision of what to expect from their Photographer - - not perfect 'Brides' in perfect Locations with their perfect 'Grooms' in perfect conditions with perfect Instructors helping them find the perfect camera get the idea! "-)

BUT - - doing a Style Shoot? Sure! Let's give it a shot!

Now...certainly this will help you get a perfect idea of what to expect should you hire this Team of phenomenal Vendors for your perfect day!! "-)

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Thank you all for including me in your vision & I'm so looking forward to working with you again soon! ~ Stay tuned! Our fun & funky outdoor shoot at Jacuzzi Winery is coming soon! xo
(head on over & see it HERE!)
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I feel like someone out there...anyone around? I know one of my girls is! You keep doing what you're doing, dahling - - it's BEAUTIFUL!!

Since I finally have a quiet moment...the little one's been home sicky all week & has been needing my full attention - I'm pretty spent...and Mommy's sicky, too! Luckily, some Winter Storms have finally arrived - and I LOVE the rain...ahhh...

But, what's on my mind is this.

I wasn't actually going to even publish this post (I had typed it up quite differently)...but, when one of my fellow colleagues contacted me for my opinion tonight - I literally laughed out loud (yes! I sooo do that!!) - and here we are!

This Photographer sent me a couple beautiful photos & asked me my opinion.

Not knowing if they were actually HERS, I was hoping not to offend her - but, certainly wanted to critique with honesty!

Phew! We're on the same page! "-)

I'll admit : I spend entirely too much time surfing Wedding Blogs, especially now that I've been working sooo hard on getting all the wonderful Vendors & Clients we work with Published...!

The Photography market I currently see there most of the time?...It's not me - it's not us - it's not Larsen's.

Their Inspiration boards are full of super soft, washed-out, sunburst, airy imagery - - quite often not even in focus...and I stop to we need to change things a bit? We shoot bold, we shot sharp - we try to capture & document just as we see it with our own eyes...

Which, I guess, kinda answers all my own questions, doesn't it? - - Do you want to do this like everyone else?! Or do you want to be "YOU?" artistry such as this should be about showcasing YOUR vision. And, well, I've always been a little 'ready to take on the World!' vs. conforming to the latest trends...
So...JUST IN CASE the 'trends' start to get to me & I consider my vision differently...I'll revisit one of my fav photos from 2007! Bold, crisp, colorful! THAT's Larsen's! xo


EVERY photographer (and most Brides, too) want to see their names in lights! Isn't that the point? "Look at MY picture!! Look what I can do!!"

So, it's sort of an 'OMG OMG - I'm 10' Tall!!' moment when you get your 1st Submission Published! (especially when it's on your very 1st try!)

I was so excited to be featured in the San Francisco edition of Ceremony Magazine with our Sept. 2011 Wedding at the Kenwood Inn & Spa! YAY! (full post here!)


As soon as I'd gotten my feet wet, I was hooked! I've been submitting to Wedding Blogs like crazy all month!

One thing I've noticed in a hurry as I cruised around to see which ones I love most? ... Wedding Blogs aren't really about the Photographers at all...or their quality. They're about inspiring Brides! To help them plan their day & find all the amazing details that will be exclusively theirs! Ok - Got it!

Sooo - - no worries, adorable Brides of mine...we'll be working on getting your names in lights, too! xo
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