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...I started this Blog with hopes of not only inspiring you in some way - but, also to inspire myself! For sure - if I'm willing to put my work out there for all the World to see, I better make SURE it's worth seeing!

Where do you find inspiration? What takes you back to a moment emotionally? Really puts you 'there'...maybe makes you laugh...or cry...or even fills your tummy with butterflies?

For me? It's a Wedding.

The Brides & Grooms - their laughter, their tears. The Kids, the Parents. Nothing makes me feel more inspired than when I sit down to relive each Wedding...photo by photo...to determine which images make the cut - and how to make them even better!

Perhaps the 1st word that comes to most sane minds when you say 'Wedding' is 'Stress'...and that's true...working a Wedding as a Vendor isn't easy. It's stressful. But, that inspires me! Inspires me to take better photos - to use the Environment to it's fullest - to capture everything around me...from the Details to the Emotion. It all matters!

I can tell you - and my friends have heard this from me weekend after weekend - editing a Wedding fills me with sooo many differing emotions. It takes me right  back to those moments. So much so that I just can't step away from my Computer - I'm THAT amped! I jump in & you might not see Mommy 'til daybreak...! Guess, that's just the Virgo in me! xo
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