Wednesday, August 15, 2012


People always comment on how 'cute' it is that we call each other 'Daddy' & 'Momma' when we're working a Wedding...maybe not used to hearing it from anyone younger than 70, I suppose?! It makes me chuckle - 'cause I don't even notice it!

Of course, it started when our daughter was born - trying to help her with what to call us...and it just stuck. I do wonder, though, why she keeps calling out, "Niiiels!! I need you to do (this or that...)..." hmmm?! "-)

Well, anyways, Daddy's idea of a Vacation = Nothing. He likes to do nothing.

Between his 8-6p job + shooting Weddings, you can imagine he doesn't get much down-time. So, if we sit in our Hotel & just hang out - - he's happy!

For his 40th Birthday, I wanted him to pick something extra special! Something he might never get to do if Mommy & Nalani were in charge of picking the Trip (certainly we'd be on our way to Hawaii right now....Palm Trees, Blue Oceans - that's our speed)!

Here we are! A super-exciting, oober-fabulous Disney Cruise - - to ALASKA!!! We've got our leggings & boots all packed...and are totally LOVING some exciting Summer-time adventures!!! Yaaay!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The only thing better than getting to shoot the Wedding for one of the GORGEOUS Maldonado kids?! Being fortunate enough to have shot TWO!!!

Meagan & I have known each other for several years now...and, of course, if you spend any time with me - Wedding chat is bound to come up! "-)

I've heard lots about her man Jason over the years & how she might want their Wedding to be 'some day' - should the opportunity just happen to arise! I always chuckled. It was so cute to hear her passive demeanor. But, that's Meagan...she's gentle & kind, reserved & sweet.

She's been dreaming of this day...and it's finally come!

While they originally planned to marry in Lake Tahoe this Fall, tides turned & I'm so beyond thrilled to have been able to share in this day!

I met up with Meagan & her Family at the wonderfully cozy Cottages at Little River Cove. We've stayed there several times ourselves & I just knew it'd offer the perfect location to spread out & feel at home!
 Next, we were off to the beautiful Little River Inn to meet the Limo! 
A few moments with Dad to reflect...and just 'be'...
 Everyone's waiting patiently at the amazing Ledford House! What a perfect place for an intimate occasion! The staff is simply delightful & so easy to work with!
 Very happy for some Family Photos!
All wrapped up, it's time to head out of the foggy drizzle & enjoy the rest of the evening!
We sooo wish you all a Lifetime of happiness, joy & amazement! May the years treat you kind - as your Family Tree continues to grow! Tons of love! xo
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Marcelo & Reesa are one of those couples that were just 'meant to be'...the best kind, right? Having met casually years ago at a Friends' Wedding, it was what wonderful people & role-models they were that magically brought them together years later - without them even knowing it!

Separately - they were each asked to be GodParents to their friends' 1st born. And, when they crossed paths later - the butterflies began...they fell in love fast & hard...and were Married just 2 months later!! These two DEFINITELY know what they want in life & their Journey to this big day began immediately...
I met up with the ladies at the WorldMark Windsor resort to get ready. With the colors of the day Ivory & Purple - even the room & decor matched perfectly! 
All cinched up, a Bride usually asks "Does it look okay...? Is it right?" I often respond, "Make sure you can sit - you wanna be able to move around & be comfortable...!" OOoops! xo
Phew! Everything's in place - we're ready to head out...
 On our way to Saint Sebastian's in Sebastopol, spirits were up & Reesa was ready to see her man!
 Following the Ceremony, we all loaded up & headed across town to the Oakmont Golf Club for the Reception. Here, it was pointed out that sometimes, Family nick-names are entirely too sweet! "Marshmallow & Reeses" for all! 
The Staff at Oakmont is simply amazing. They were always available & very helpful! Great to work with! Thank You, Michele!
Look at THAT cake! Simply gorgeous! I was astounded to find out the Grooms Cousin was to thank! Beautiful!!
Reesa's Family hails  from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands & were kind enough to bring some of that Aloha to us...Mahalo!
 With just a short time to steal amongst the greens, we worked between Golfers...there were literally men digging in the bushes next to us for lost balls! Thank you for being patient out there, gentlemen!
I'm a firm believer - the Couple that Plays Together? Stays Together!
Those smiles - just contagious!!
 More fun & games! "-)
 Reesa was in the mood to sing...cutest little 'Surfer Girl'...
Let's get this Party started!
Awww - I don't think I could've said it better, myself!!
Congratulations, Reesa & Marcello! I hope you enjoyed every moment of this beautiful day you've been waiting for! You both looked stunning!! Thank you so much for allowing us to reconnect with some old Friends - and certainly make some new ones!! xo
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