Monday, April 28, 2014


Just last week, I received a call asking if we were free Fri. evening to shoot a 50th Anniversary celebration - since all the Family would be together & they wanted a few Portraits. I was SO excited! We have so much fun getting to know couples as they're just beginning their Journey together - to have the opportunity to document that bond 50 yrs later?! A privilege!

How fun it is to think ahead 50 years & having the opportunity to shoot some of todays' Wedding Clients on THEIR Anniversary!? awww...
Niels drove over to the Blue Wing restaurant Fri. after work - which shares a beautiful courtyard with the Tallman House in Upper Lake...full of unique & fun pieces of art work! It was a perfect spot for him to stroll around while everyone finished up their Dinner before a few photos!
There they are! The Anniversary Couple!
Tell me this man's not proud to have his arm around his girl!?
 Look at this AMAZING Family they've created together!
The cousins broke into song...
 ...and, just wanted to play!
I'm sure they had Niels on his toes!
Such beautiful Families!! 
2014 marks our 25 yrs together...and, while I can honestly say navigating Life isn't always easy? It's most certainly much easier (and enjoyable) getting to navigate it together. THANK YOU, John + Murial for having us over to join you in your Celebration ~ here's to many, MANY more years ahead! xo 


A few weeks back, I was asked to take a quick snap-shot of Daniela for her upcoming 15th Birthday Celebration. Of course, one look at her & I knew I couldn't just stop at one! Soooo adorable...and sweet...just perfect...what a fun dress!! Let's shoot!
Wishing you a PHENOMENAL Birthday ~  and many magical years ahead!! xo
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