Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We are lucky enough to call Wine Country 'home'. It's a destination people flock to from all over the World ~ so, it's only natural that our beautiful Valley is SO popular for outdoor Fall Weddings! 

Jenn & Adam had searched several Venues before settling on the breathtaking Contento Site of Brutocao Cellars. They wanted somewhere intimate, yet with the Freedom to dance the night away. I think they found just the right spot...!

But, first ~ before heading out to that wonderful Venue, we met in town to get dressed...
 Jennifer & Stephanie lost their Dad not too long ago...he was most certainly with them today...as always.
It's Wedding day. Sometimes schedules do get a little confusing...for me? I was missing my Bride. And, Niels couldn't quite pin-point the Groom. But, no worries - we can always keep busy...!
 She's arrived! Her hair was flawless!
And now, we have one more thing to tend to before we can get her dressed...
I do have to say ~ I'm not a make-up girl.
I do my eyes for special occasions, but the rest? I just don't bother. 
Watching Ashley work her magic was just that...magical! I'm ready for some lessons!
Grandma had a story to tell me...and it's one for the Books! 
You did good, Steph!! You did good!!
Success!!! We have a Groom!!
We headed out to Contento ~ where a very handsome man happened to be waiting...
Excuse me, sir, you busy this afternoon?!
 She mentioned he might be the 'cryer'...xoxo
Love the snap-shots...the "Ohhh! Look what I got" pictures you weren't planning!
 There comes that silly time when your Photographers just keeps MAKING you kiss..and they're taking pictures of it!
 I have to admit ~ Jennifer was SO easy to shoot. 
She looked like a model...a particular actress...just GORGEOUS!
 Our beautiful ladies of the day...
Looks like everyone has arrived! Let's get Married...
With just about 90 secs left of the Ceremony, the sun went behind the hill & gave poor Adam's eyes a break! They had tried everything the night before to find an angle that didn't involve blinding someone. (thanks for taking that from the girls, guys!)
Ashley was always there for a touch-up ~ she deserves a photo!
 Let me guess where this adorable shot's headed!
That's one of the best things about Contento ~ the backdrops! So many great places to shoot!
THANK YOU, ushers, for running to get them a quick snack!
 I'm telling you ~ she HAD to have done some modeling before today...
 Always patient...Adam ~ you did amazing, too! 
Sun's down ~ let's get you to your Party!!Jenn was SO thankful for her friends that were able to finish up all the Reception details that didn't quite get completed the day before...! Yay!! Me, too!! Oooh! You know you're with an Italian Family when the Limoncello's out!
These lucky Ladies have a front-row view to Sunset in Wine Country! Adam asked Niels exactly what to expect becoming a Dad...later, Jenn was ALL over this adorable Baby...
I think we might know just where this is headed...! "-)During a phone consult, Jenn had asked me what I thought about a couple coming into their Reception & going right into their 1st Dance? Personally, I think it's perfect! It's a wonderful way to regroup all of your Guests & remind them exactly why they're here - - and - - it's YOUR day...do whatever you want!! Dinner time!Without a Traditional 'Cake-Cutting' - that meant once the music started? The night was all THEIRS!! Oh my ~ here we goooo....Stunning Stunning Stunning. I don't even know what more to say! I hope your mini-Moon to Glen Ellen allowed you both the time to really take it all in. Just unwind & enjoy all the things this time in your Lives is meant to represent. Love. Unity. Family. Joy ~ and soon ~ a little Prishtina or two!!! xo
Thank you SO much for sharing your special day with us...it was nothing short of...perfection!
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