Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Rachel + Tyler's journey began their Sr. year of High School - simply crossing paths between Football & Soccer practice, actually. While she claims to me that she's not sure she believes in Fate? Hearing their story positively proves otherwise to me...for Fate? That is something THIS Momma most certainly believes in!

When you share so many thoughts + dreams of your youth with much time getting to know someone's heart - no matter how hard you try to pretend what you had couldn't be 'it' - or think that you could ever possibly find it again with someone else? Life sometimes has that all figured out for you. 

Step back, open your heart & accept it. Love is patient - it will find you again when it's true...and, for these two. It most certainly was...
The moment I turned off of Hwy 20 & fell into Potter Valley, it took my breath away. I don't know if it's because I haven't been there in so many years & had simply forgotten - or if I just wasn't even paying attention before. But, WOW. What an amazing place for these Families to call 'home'!
As I pulled up to the Bridal Cabin, I was greeted with beaming faces & warm hugs - I was so excited to be working with so many familiar people! Rachel was positively glowing - so happy & excited that her day was unfolding!
I got right to work while the ladies finalized the details of getting dressed.
 awww! I kinda knew you before you were you!! xo
 Once everyone was dressed, we stepped outside for a few photos...
 I just love when our Brides don't take the day too seriously. Relax, breathe - have FUN!
 Wow! These bouquets were just perfect!
I kept having this 'feeling' while I worked with Rachel. I couldn't quite figure it out at the time. I kept hearing everyone gush over how gorgeous she was...but, there was something more to it. I could almost just sense that her heart is as positively amazing as her reflection in the're a true beauty, young lady. From your kindness to your smile...your flexibility to your warmth...just a gem.
 Ohhh - the boys! I can tell Niels had a blast with this crew!!
 ...time to get to the Ceremony!
 THIS is our view?! Can we book this EVERY weekend!? Please!
Awww - Ranger is all ready!
 Boys are set!
 a little breezy, but looking stunning!
Here we go...!
 "it's THIS way, Auntie!"
 We did it!
 Ohhh - sorry, Mom - let's move sides!
 Sooo cute!
 Trying really, really hard for a Family
 Okay, Wedding peeps - your turn!
We got you!
Let's see how the ladies do...
 okay...this got me...the spot where they shared their 1st Kiss...
So many places to shoot - I'm in Heaven!
 as I give a little posing instruction, friends chime in from the sidelines...
 The Barn made such a perfect spot for the Reception!
I was told that many, many hours were spent up here getting everything just right for tonight. Mission accomplished!!
 Ohhh!! Tear.
Mandi + Lane!! Their Wedding was one of the very 1st ones we ever shot!
I'm so excited to meet their little Miss very, very soon!!
 And, Kenzie! One of our Flower Girls from years ago! xo
I was blown away by the food. It was vibrant, gorgeous & positively delicious!
The fact that it was ALL from local gardens? I was in awe!
 "Even the Peaches are off our neighbors Tree!"
 Okay - I don't even know how many times I caught Tyler being THE perfect Gentleman!
Heart melt!
One of our beautiful Mrs.! HUGS!!
 Seriously? One word = Magazine
There goes my breath again...
 Hey, cutie!
 ...paying very, very close attention! hee hee
 College roomie spilling all your love-sick secrets...!
Look at this spread!
 The Pie idea? Perfection!
Every type you could ever imagine! Yumm!
...long time coming?! "-)
Sweet! I got back-up!!
Tyler & Rachel? I think I could relive this day with you over & over again...not because it was smooth or 'easy' when it comes to Weddings. But, because you two together make my heart smile...because both of your Families opened their arms to us & we absolutely felt like we were 'home'. THANK YOU for sharing your day with us - as you move forward into the rest of your Journey? Know that Fate IS watching over you - - follow your hearts - it will always guide you right to where you need to one another's arms! xo
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