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What is your Pricing? 
It may vary a bit. All I need to know is where you're getting Married, how many Guests you're anticipating, how many are in your Wedding Party & what time you plan to begin the Ceremony!
(Please note : Pricing may adjust should these change significantly from the time of your Quote)

Do I get access to all of my image Files?
I know THIS is the most important question to many brides...YUP! You pay us to take them & make them simply wonderful - - they're YOURS to keep! Each & every one!

Engagement/Family/Maternity/Senior Sessions should expect a Disc & Weddings will receive a Flash-drive. They will contain Non-Copyrighted, High-Resolution Files (everything you find in your Gallery) to Print, Copy & up-load from!

What's in your 'Package'? 
~  Our Wedding Coverage includes 2 Photographers to shoot your DAY!

I know most Photographers offer different pricing for different Packages. But, I don't agree with Time-Block Bookings. Seriously. How can you POSSIBLY predict what may/may not happen to cause delays on this most important day?! What if your Groom arrives in a horse-drawn carriage to whisk you away before Dinner for some Wine Tasting? Hey! It happens!!

We arrive 90 mins prior to the Ceremony to capture last-minute 'Getting Ready' photos & stay through the main Events of your Reception. (Cake, Toasts, Dancing, Tosses, etc.). Possibly considering a First Reveal!? YAY! Read this!

~ Your images are then edited & put on-line in a Private Gallery for sharing/viewing. Print orders can be placed from this Gallery.

~ You receive ALL of your final Non-Copyrighted + Hi-Resolution images on your Disc or Flash-drive. You can Print, Copy & up-load from that! It's not Watermarked & those images are all YOURS!

~ I include a DVD set to music to assist in viewing all of those images since watching a Slideshow on TV is surely much easier than sitting at your Computer...click...click...click...!

~ You will also receive a Print Credit to use in any combination of sizes & poses.

How many images will I receive?
Every Wedding is different. The 'average' Wedding with around 150 guests usually receives around 700 photos.

Some of the things that can determine your final image count :
~ How much time do we have to shoot your Formals - do you give us 30...or 60 mins?
~ Do you have 50 guests - or 250?
~ Is it an intimate Wedding Party - or all your Favorite people?
~ Do you have a 1st Dance - or add in Parents & a Generational Dance, too?

The more we have to take photos of - the more images you can expect!

Do you offer Albums?
We offer a beautiful, lay-flat Coffee Table Book :

24 Pg. / $1,200
30 Pg. / $1,500

So - how long 'til I see my Photos!? 
Ohhh - this one's my favorite! Most of our Brides have them edited & on-line for viewing within two weeks following their Wedding. Of course, I will let you know if that's not possible due to scheduling.

I try my best to have your Package to you within 3 weeks. I know it can be hard to believe - but, I try to run our business in a manner that I would want to be treated as a Client - waiting months & months to get my Wedding photos just doesn't cut it for me!

How much editing do you do, then? 
I sort through each & every image! Based on your input & the 'feeling' I get from your day specifically - I make adjustments & artistic corrections photo by photo! Of course, I can't promise every single one of your images is perfectly flawless in every way - - we document LIFE, after all!

Do you ALWAYS use 2 Photographers? 
Pretty much! I feel a Wedding is far too important to risk missing that special moment - a glance, a kiss - and 4 eyes are ALWAYS better than 2!

How do we order Prints?
You can order directly through your On-Line Gallery, from me (lowest cost) or just take your Files to your favorite Printer!

What do you Shoot?
We use all Nikon dSLR equipment. We have (5) Cameras - all with different lenses to utilize each backdrop to it's fullest. We can get wild & crazy with the 180' fisheye - or zoom right in for the intimate details! We like to offer a mix of images with a different 'feel' - everything from the Traditional Pose & candid moments to the artistic, edgier Magazine Covers!
A selective array to cover your day...THAT's "Larsen's Photography!"

Do you have any Vendor suggestions?
Of course! Lots! Feel free to look here!
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