Friday, April 1, 2016


Wow! How great does it feel to be Blogging again!? I don't find much time for it - but, us Larsen girls are totally 'writers' + I just LOVE sharing our Adventures when I can squeeze it in!!

Whether you Travel just a bit - or a whole lot - I'm a firm believer that each Adventure changes your Life! You learn - you grow - how could it not!?

Some of us catch that pesky 'travel bug' & find it as a way to learn, love + settle their soul - yup! I'd say that pretty much describes me! Our Lives at home seem to be constant 'crazy-town' - between Dancing, Acting, School, Friends, Work, know the routine...

And, since I live SO much of my Life through this silly Computer? I positively ADORE the opportunity to get out to see this AMAZING World of ours - getting to capture it through my lens to keep it alive forever?! Can't ask for anything more!

This Trip!? Well - - when my little Sister announced she'd be getting Married on a remote Island off of Puerto Rico? I went right to work making sure we got to explore a part of the World we'd never seen before! I booked us a Cruise on Royal Caribbean to have the opportunity to see several Islands (I had NO CLUE which one I'd want to call 'home-base' before this) - which was then followed up with Wedding time on the little gem of Vieques! So to start off? HELLO, Puerto Rico!!
Waking up waaay before the rest of the Larsen crew? I just sat quietly out on the balcony & watched the sunrise as we approached St. Croix - it was positively magical!
...time to head into Town & find our 1st stop!
 ATVs & Jet Skis?! All new Adventures for us & we LOVED it!
Highlight of the Trip!
Reaching the 2nd highest peak of the Island, we had a beautiful view waiting for us...
 Next stop was Rainbow Beach - which was breathtaking...coral & fish free...but, the water! OMG!
 Hey! It's kid time!
Our next stop was St. Kitts - THANK YOU, guys, for being so patient with me. I know leaving the room/pool is NOT how these two like to spend their time - but, Mommy just has to EXPLORE!!! 
 St. Kitts was a bit of a challenge for me emotionally - so much of the Caribbean lives in poverty few of us have actually truly seen. It's not all blue water + golden beaches you so easily find online. The cells used for slave trading still stand...the Parks where they were shackled & brought to Market are still used as common grounds...and, this Church actually stands as the resting place to honor the very men who arrived & over-ran (to put it mildly) the Natives. I cried that day.
 ...bit of a lighter note - here's some curbside time-savers for the weary traveler - Mail Box + fresh (?) water for a quick drink!!
Our next stop was the Brimstone Hill Fortress - not only was the drive up the limestone cliffs unbelievable (you do NOT want to attempt this - let the guides handle the driving!) - this was definitely a highlight of the Island!
 Peek a Boo!
 Such a beautiful stop nestled in the jungle - and, the Batiks were AMAZING!
 We'll be returning here next Spring when we visit Nevis (the giant Mountain nestled in the clouds way in the back) - this view is the Atlantic + Caribbean Oceans on either side of the Island!
 Time to head back to the Ship - - but, not before the little one looks around a bit...
 Wow! GOOD MORNING St. Maarten! Look at that water!!
 Now - let's be aware (we were not) - St. Maarten is French & Dutch - naked beach French! 
Orient Bay definitely caught the little Miss off guard for a sec! hee hee
 Who hasn't heard of Maho Bay!? Pretty cool!
 Final Port for us?! Dominica! Whoa! GORGEOUS place & probably our fav!
Awww -  I would have LOVED to stop & talk to the kids...! 
As we explored the Islands? I saw sooo many beautiful, smiling children.
Happy heart.
 Finally...some lush jungle! Always Moms' favorite place...
 Sulfur Caves
 We're heading in!
 Champagne Beach! This was actually our ONLY opportunity to snorkel the entire Trip. I still can't even believe it myself! (we'll make up for lost time on the next one - promise!)
 Volcanic gases give this spot it's name!
 So excited to see such vibrant corals...although, the reef does seem pretty bleached...
 We've never seen such diversity in one spot!
 That's a wrap!
 This is Home. Really. See why it's SO important to get out & see this World? 
Cherish what you have - give freely - know Life is Good! xo
 Good Night, beautiful Dominica...
 Oh, Little (bored) Miss...Happy Birthday, baby...
 We just took the most amazing Ferry ride over from Puerto Rico & just LOVE Isla de Vieques!
Settling in at the Hotel...
 Aww - WEDDING DAY with my boos!
 Oops! Excuse me!
 Look up!
 Eek! Our final day & the Ocean is doing THIS?! What!?
 ummm...guess we're not getting in!
 Rented a Jeep to drive around the Island - these Wild Horses are everywhere & their eyes are the exact color of the Ocean! 
 I'll shoot this Wedding venue ANY day! "-)
 Not sure where we're headed...but, the road's about to end & we're gonna have some FUN!
 Ooh! HELLO!!
 I still can't believe this beauty is over 300 yrs old!
 Wish I knew what I was looking at - but, these giant boulders were randomly around the Island!
 Exploring Fortin Conde de Mirasol...and, I think that about covers this Island!
 Heading for home...with the rough seas & high winds?! We opted for a 10 min puddle-jumper flight vs. over an hour on the Ocean to catch our main flight for the States. NEVER ever thought Mommy would do THIS!!!
Truthfully? I may forever look at these photos & be reminded of the friendships our daughter filled her heart with at the time. From wanting to be home with them constantly - to insisting she find them special treats every day - they were ALL we heard about morning/noon/night! (Daddy was about to go bonkers) She'd yet to have anyone so important to her as the friends she had during this Trip. Our social-butterfly even refused to entertain the thought of meeting anyone new to fill her time. (what?! How are we 'there' already!?) ...since I'm the Photographer who so relies on photos to be my Memories as Life zooms right by us? I suspect these friends may always have a little piece of our hearts now...THANK YOU for the friendship, joy, laughter & fun times, you two!! xo

Now - feel free to join us on some of our other Adventures if you'd like! OAHU, ARGENTINA & AUSTRALIA are just a few of the places we've LOVED getting to Explore!!
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