Sunday, July 28, 2013


Christine & Clay are just...well...let's go with 'Cupcakes'!! I love them & could never get enough!! Watching them interact positively brought endless smiles to my face - they are just sooo sweet & 'real'!!

What makes me love them even more? It's who they are as people - what they give back to this Community. It's priceless.

Being a Nurse + a 6th Grade Teacher? Neither job is easy - both take up an endless amount of hours on the job & away - they influence Lives in a way that can last a lifetime - and I am just so grateful for people like them doing what they do! Can you feel my hugs from here? Really - THANK YOU...! we are at their very 1st photo Session together from last night! At the location of their very 1st Date, nonetheless! How fun is that? Your 1st time meeting this amazing girl & it includes a little hiking, good company & of course - Christine's beloved companion, Dotty! I assume Dotty must have approved - because here we were this day - preparing for their gorgeous Oct. Wedding!!

...although, as soon as I laid eyes on her...I could tell right away poor Christine was scared silly to do this Photo Shoot! So, I wanted to start somewhere 'easy'...let's lay down, enjoy the cool grass for a moment & see where this takes us...I don't know why, but I just assume everyone has a camera shoved in their face 24/7 like we do! hee hee.
Next stop? A wonderful overlook...where an older gentleman had beat us to his naptime spot, so we'll snap a couple & just move along...
 Down to the Marina for some shade while we wait for the sun to settle just a bit...nervous's okay - you look AMAZING!!! ...and 'personality' photos are my fav, anyways!
 I love how no matter what I said, laughter erupted!
Such a beautiful, kind & loving person...these two couldn't be better matched!
 I told them on my way home, I could tell the 'Bridge' photos would be my favorite - the Lighting was just delectable!!
 Here we are...the place where it all began...a steep overlook with brush billowing all around us...with the sun all but gone, we had been moving locations & shooting for over 2 hrs now...and I'm just SO thankful they were willing to stick with me & let me play!
It took a few tries, but Dotty was willing to join us just as we were preparing to head out...YAY!! The photo that mattered most!! THANK YOU, Dotty girl!! (LOVE how even their dog is Orange + Black - go Giants! Which also happens to be how Christine just knew she'd found 'the one' - shower time for her after the Hike? Giants game for him - a man after her own heart!!) the evening wore on...and the light did the nerves & now? I can tell Christine is totally ready to NAIL that Wedding Day shoot!! She's going to be STUNNING & I can't wait!!! Clay, you be ready ~ I have a feeling this girl's gonna take your breath away!! xo

Monday, July 22, 2013


I often say I'm going to sit down & try to figure out how many Weddings we've shot now, but that could take a lot of time. In fact, it was only in the early years of 'Larsen's Photography' that anyone even bothered to ask. If I had to guess - it's around 150 now. And, I can honestly tell you ~ every single one is positively different in so many ways! That's what makes it all so fun & rewarding!

This Wedding, in particular, has quite possibly been one of my favorites. 

...I don't think it's any one thing, necessarily, that I can put my finger on - just the whole day in & of itself. This fantabulous & fun couple, their guests, the Bridal Party, the flowers, the Shoes, (oh yes - I LOVE me some Jimmy Choo!), that cake, the location, the dresses, the was just a wonderful day to be a part of. Although, just seeing Stephanie + Steven together most certainly puts it at the top of anyone's list that knows them - even without all the other great stuff! They spend all of their time laughing. Just enjoying one another & loving every moment! I am so honored to have been there & to keep these memories alive for them for decades to come!
We met everyone at the beautiful Hyatt Vineyard Creek in Santa Rosa to get ready. The boys had been in the pool, so dispursed to shower - while the girls were all busy with hair & make-up! 
 This is that 'something' that translates right through Stephanie! She's just HAPPY!! (not to mention stunningly beautiful) xo
Stephanie & her hottie Sister are both getting Married this year! 
CONGRATULATIONS, Boyce Family, on all of your love & joy!!
 Thanks, Pinterest!
 ...I think THIS Window is why I love this Hotel so much!? "-)
Stephanie was about to see her man for the 1st time in her Wedding gown...and, I wanted to grab a few shots of just her...which resulted in - what else? Laughter!! 
Goes down smooth...? we go...! As Family watches from their rooms above!
 " I look yet?!"
"Yes..YES! Look at your GORGEOUS Bride!!"
Steven told me long ago he feels 'awkward in photos'...wrong! 
I'm hoping now, he'll at least consider changing that to 'handsome & debonaire'!! xo
I just love their colors for this Summer Wedding! Fun, bright & adorable - just like them!
Time to get Married!
...little niece just relaxing in the shade...
Not quite sure what Niels was asking for over there with the boys...?
I had no clue what they meant when they said, "Let's do the pose from Bridesmaids!" ~ luckily they sure did!! 
(sorry - - between 'Photographer' & 'Mommy' - - not much time for movies!)
The Reception Hall looked AMAZING!
Back outside to catch the Sunset real quick...!
PhotoBooths are SO fun!
Daddy must be quite popular with the Ladies...? 
I counted no less than 5 different colored lipsticks on those cheeks!! "-)
"Oh NO you didn't!!"
Time to PARTY!!
...letting the animal out! their Prom Pose from High School! "-)
Stephanie & Steven!! What a magical & beautiful day!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I hope every moment brought you as much joy as it appeared to! And, I hope this 2 weeks exploring Thailand helps create a bond that will stay with you for Eternity!! I look forward to hearing all about it!! xo
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