Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I'm such a blessed Photographer - this Family has some GORGEOUS ladies in it!! I first met Arianna's little Sister a couple of months ago for a few head-shots, so I knew when her Mom asked me about Senior Portraits for her older daughter - I was definitely in for a treat! They were both so easy to work with - and positively stunning!
Today was all about Arianna - she told me she's a little quiet, kinda simple & wanted her photos to be 'pretty' - I think we nailed it...!
 Who doesn't get a little giggly having a camera shoved in their face!?
I was so glad she brought those boots! Perfect for getting out to play in the field!
Next, we headed over to the High School - I wanted her to have something 20 yrs. down the road that made her feel like : hey! I remember that place!
 As we were walking out, she mentioned she didn't get a chance to put her jeans on - light's fading fast - let's do it!
Arianna, you make me smile. Such a gorgeous young lady!
That hair - those eyes - the wind - perfection.
Mommy, you've done such a great job with your Girls - I can just tell!! THANK YOU for all the hard work - you are very loved!! And, Arianna - I know Graduation is RIGHT around the corner. I'm so glad we found the time to get these done for you! I wish you an AMAZING journey into Adulthood + I look forward to seeing what this World has in store for you!! xo

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Oh my goodness! Yesterday, I got to meet little Miss Acevedo!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD, Mia!! What an awesome feeling to be there to document this time in your lives! THANK YOU!
To be honest, I usually shy away from babies. But, when Cynthia reminded me I was the only one who had ever taken photos for them - I just knew I had to be there.
Mia is now 9 wks old & so alert + vocal. What an absolute doll! But, like all little angels, she really needed her nap - so, we just stuck with 'snuggle' photos...shhh....
 Awww, Momma. You look so positively beautiful...
 ...and, Daddy is just AMAZING with his girls. So precious...!
Let me at that FACE...those hands! Perfection!
Cynthia said the only thing that really mattered was making sure to have a nice Family photo of this moment in their lives. I am, once again, thoroughly honored to be the one putting something so adorable up in your home...! Love you, guys!! xo
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Thursday, May 1, 2014


As I made my way through the 2nd set of gates, I still couldn't quite lay my eyes on the property I was to be shooting at this past Sun. evening...I'd received a few images from Monica via cell to get my opinion of the location, but they didn't quite show THIS! ...what I found was a Photographers' Dream!
It'd been raining all morning, but by now - we had full sun. Since we had plenty of time before the sun would ease, we decided to start our Session in the Courtyard of the Villa. Why...hello! These amazing gentleman serenaded us with their festive Mariachi all evening...! So fun!
I love getting to spend time with our Clients before the actual Wedding day. That belongs to them & their Families - right now's my chance to chat & get to know them better...and see just how GORGEOUS they look in front of my lens together! EEE!!!
Monica + Humberto told me they've been together almost a year...and, looked positively stunned when I told them it took me nearly EIGHT YEARS to finally get my ring! ...but, let's not forget - Niels & I were 15 + 16 when we 1st started dating...going out...whatever the kids called it back then. Hee hee! 

As we continued to shoot, I could tell these two were going to be so easy & fun to work with. Humberto & Monica both are driven, dedicated & genuinely nice people. Easy to talk to, totally photogenic + easy to work with? I couldn't ask for anything more...
 LOVE this personal touch with the Emeralds! 
Oooh! The sun's behind some heavy clouds - let's try to play in the Fountain!
Never-mind...get back in - get back in! "-)
Grandpa was wondering just what everyone was up to out here! Today was a Family affair...except we were missing Momma! She'll definitely be there with us next time!
 I don't know how many times I called out 'we should do the Wedding HERE!!'
After a moment to catch a snack + a quick wardrobe change, we headed out to the 'Chapel' - an enormous cluster of phenomenal Redwoods that encircle the perfect space to relax & enjoy the shade...I was in awe. I wish I was raising our Family on this Land - so diverse, gorgeous & just...breathtaking...
There we go - the sun has settled just  enough for us to move about the Property...
I could've shot these two all day - they were both so gracious & patient with me! THANK YOU!
Well, I think we got the 'one or two' we needed! LOL!
I apologize! We actually ended up with a LOT! And, I love them all! 
CONGRATULATIONS, guys!! I am positively thrilled you've chosen to work with us & I can't wait to see what you have put together for your Wedding day!!! xo
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