Monday, November 3, 2014


I often say 'every Wedding is different - each day is unique' & this one was definitely one for the Record books! I've been chatting with Lindsay for a long while now - but, it wasn't until we were finalizing all of the intricacies of their day that I realized just how much fun we were stepping in to! 

This must go down as one of the funnest + best Weddings ever! From the pure joy felt by all of their Family + Friends at the sight of them coming together - to all the amazing surprises Lindsay had in store for Erica? I couldn't be more thrilled that we got to be there to share it with them!
Ready to jump right in, I met Erica & all of her girls in Hopland to get dressed. I was so excited to get my hands on her 'details' & get to work!
Yay! Hair & make-up's done - let's get dressed!
 Mom + Sister working diligently on that corset...
Note to upcoming Brides : Corsets take time. 
Always have someone with you at your Fitting(s) to learn exactly how you'd like it done! xo
 Coming up on Ceremony time - let's opt for Team-work!
Stunning Stunning Stunning!
EEE - Erica picked such a gorgeous location to get ready! THANK YOU!
 I love when I finally get my Brides alone for just a moment - touch bases, take a deep breath & connect. It's a looong day - just let her know I'm here...
Rushing to our cars - I knew I had to make this happen.
While I was with Erica, Niels was at their Family home with Lindsay working on getting everyone ready to go there!
Lindsay wanted to surprise Erica with her ensemble - not only by wearing the fanciest gown you could imagine, but with custom-made, oober-fun Converse! Love the Rainbow, ladies!
These SO look like something I would've sported when I was a kid! Loved my custom Converse!
Let's get Lindsay dressed!
 "Mom! You never wear dresses!!"
 Lindsay fit that gown like a glove - it was PERFECT!
Lindsay contemplated a Ferrari or McLaren rental for transportation to the Venue - and, went with the Tijuana Express!
Hop in, everybody - it's time to go get Married!!
While the Brides lined up, Lindsays' youngest son + his Teacher were part of the entertainment!
 Getting some last minute touches before we begin...
 ...and, away we go!
Since Erica had no idea what Lindsay was wearing - I wanted to hide her so she couldn't see Lindsay walking down the isle & their first glance would be ON the isle. The Tijuana Express comes through again!
 Awww - escorting Mom.
 I think she approves! 
 Their Vows were so, so sweet, funny & touching!
From their sneaky non-1st date to soft, fuzzy (ward)robes, these girls have nothing but love in their hearts & smiles on their faces!
 I love this moment - - when the new couple has their 1st moment to just 'be'...
 Time for Photos!!
Lindsay + Erica - you are positively flawless together.
 I know I know - I have to apologize EVERY Wedding - we make our couples kiss a lot!
Poor things!! "-)
Lindsay - you were glowing...all day...I hope you felt amazing!
 How cute is SHE?! Erica!! xo
 Another surprise!! 
 "Erica! Did you see her shoes under all that poof?!"
While I rushed through Lindsay's photos with her girls, Erica was off kissing babies!
 There it is - the whole reason to book Contento - - the VIEW!!
 POSTER - someone needs a POSTER!!
...or two?
Just about time to start the Evening!!
 Hey, cuties! (you should see these 2 on the dance floor!)
 Oh goodness - - the night has officially begun!! lol
 I was told these were a very special request for the day...
 Dinner time!
...a Momma after my own heart...
 Sun's down - - Dinner's going - - here come the Girls!
...another 'kids - you wont quite get this' moment...! "-)
 Uh-oh! Here come's dad with the good stuff! Get ready.
 Family Tradition must prevail...
 yup - that about says it all...!
...a little personal time...while everyone watches, of course.
Perfect timing! Here's Dad again!
 ...since, it's time to PARTY!!!
Lindsay had another little surprise for her new Bride!
Taking to the stage to play - which she hasn't done forever!
The entire place was going wild! So fun!
 Who needs a Cake? We've got 'pick your own' POPSICLES!!
Oops! Arm-wrap feedings can get dangerous!
uh-oh! I Photo-shop this...or document the moment!? "-)
 Lindsay told me her boys had the moves!
This band was unreal. If you like to dance & 80s/90s music is your thing?! CALL THEM!
Great, great time had by all!
Erica + Lindsay! What a beautiful (and fun) story you have together. You are both positively beautiful + true. I know it might take a few days to settle back in from that GORGEOUS Honeymoon in Africa - but, I am so SO glad you had that time to share & experience this World together in a whole new way - as Wife + Wife! May the rest of your lives together be nothing but total, laughable amazement!! xo
Venue | Brutocao Cellars
Erica's Dress Design | House of Wu - Christina Wu
Lindsay's Dress Design | Matthew Christopher Couture - custom design
Bridal Boutique | Starlet Bridal
Erica's Rings | E.R. Sawyer Jewelers
Lindsay's Rings | Mark Allen Jewelers
Erica's Shoes | Ralph Loren
Lindsay's Shoes | Converse - custom design by Tanya Alexander
Erica's Hair | Cathy Turner
Erica's Make-up | Cristy Burchfield
Lindsay's Hair | Jennifer Cadd
Lindsay's Make-up | Flaunt Makeup Artistry - Chrysti-Marie
Floral Design | Annie's Floral
Officiant | Jude Gibson-Byers
Taco Truck | Jonathan Recoder
Ice Cream Truck | Jose Heredia
Ceremony Music | Janette Duncan & Joel Cohen
Music | Lovefool
Transportation | Tijuana Express + Peninsula Transportation
Coordination | Lily & Mint
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