Sunday, June 22, 2014


I knew when the announcement was made that SPACE would be holding a Street Fusion Dance Intensive this Summer, that it would be something phenomenal! What I wasn't expecting was to see so many of our favorite local faces up on stage rocking it together! YAY!!

From Contemporary to Hip-Hop, with a little rockabilly + more, this group of new + seasoned Performers put on a most FANTASTIC show yesterday! The most amazing thing? It was INTENSIVE - - just 5 days of non-stop commitment to bring something memorable to the stage...they more than delivered!
THANK YOU one + all for each of your exhausting moments...achy + overworked bodies...the sweat-filled days - - you guys were AMAAAAZING!!! I so hope we get the chance to see this put together again next year! xo

Monday, June 9, 2014


We had just landed in Southern California & were tucked into a cozy Taxi on the way to our hotel when I first received the call asking if we were free May 24th. I remember it clearly because Elicia & I spent plenty of time discussing both of our Family memories shared at Disneyland! As it turned out, Heathers' Mom was hoping to find just the right Vendors for her Daughters' Wedding - I was thrilled to help get her started with the planning process...

One of the main things to decide upon was WHERE to host the Ring Ceremony. Heather + Adam were to be Married the Thursday before - and, the Event here, locally, was for the 200 Family + Friends that wanted to share in their joy. Eventually, they settled on their Family home here in Ukiah - and, I think it worked out beautifully!
 I was so grateful to everyone in the Bridal Party for being so wonderful to work with. Temperatures had climbed to 90' & we had just a corner of shade to hang out + shoot in. THANK YOU for being so patient & cooperative! xo
 Yup! This is soooo how our day went...perfection!
 Awww - Momma!
 Now that everyone has arrived & got unstuck from that Bay Area traffic - it's time to get dressed!
 Next, we spent some time with the Bride + Groom & sent everyone in for AC + water...
 Ahhh - that's better...
I love how classically handsome + purely angelic these two are together...
Since we have a few more minutes before the Ceremony is set to begin, let's take a moment to refresh...and ponder...
 Everyone's here - we're ready!
 As I crouched, listening to the Ceremony, a time came when Dad reflected on the Marriage union & what it means to a new Family - it touched it obviously did this Mom, as well...
I caught her glancing down fondly at her beautiful daughter...touching.
 SOMEONE approves! "-)
Knowing the kids were moments away from rushing off in all directions, I grabbed a super-quick, adorable headshot! 
 The colors were so perfect for this outdoor, Summer day...
Reception time!
Sister chatting up your Hubby? I sure bet they've got some great stories to share!!
 This says it all - smiles, laughter, joy & love. This day was nothing short of a wonderful occasion.
 Adam & his roommate appear to be quite close from what his Toast had to share. 
Everyone was hysterical!! tickle tickle!!
Time to cut that amazing cake Heathers' sister made!
My favorite time of day. When I can, I like to pull the new couple away for that gentle-light of sunset. They've had a chance to settle in, get some food & share some laughs. Now? We get to work our magic for you...
Okay, let's get you back to the Party - it's time for some more fun stuff!
 Their laughter is so positively contagious... attention, young ladies...settle for nothing less...
 ...a moment for Daddy...
All the Siblings together again!
...a little celebratory jig from the adorable Niece...
 oooh! It's time to get FUNKY!
 The Funky Dozen was amazing! The Wedding guests all had a total blast!
 ...I'd say the Groom enjoyed himself thoughougly, as well!
This is usually the time of my Bridal wrap-up where I share fond wishes for the new couple. This time, I want to do it a little wish? My wish is that each & every one of us out there should be so blessed as to find the kind of Husband or Wife that cherishes us the way I see Adam cherish his Heather. And, Heather her Adam. With an open heart & loving mind that will guide them through their magnificent Journey together...what a beautiful thing!! Congratulations, you guys! Here's to a happy, amazing + GORGEOUS future ahead!! xo
Venue | Family Home
Dress Design | Allure Bridals
Bridal Boutique | Bridal Center
Rings | Rocky Mountain Diamond
Shoes | Calvin Klein
Hair | Sarah Cooper + Elizabeth Pack
Grooms Attire | Egara
Floral Design | Kathy Hass
Officiant | Wyatt Andrus (dad)
Catering Zack's Catering
Music | DJ Larry + the Funky Dozen
Cake | Kirstin Andrus (sister)
Event Design | Elicia Andrus (mom)
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