Monday, March 25, 2013


Just last week, I decided to offer a last-minute, speed-Session to my friends + loved ones on my personal FaceBook was something that hit me on the way to another Shoot - - and HAD to be done!

Soooo! I have a little challenge for each & every one of you reading this. ~ GIVE A LITTLE ~
Take your time or your talent, your love or your money - and give it freely!

Share it with those you love...or with total strangers. And in turn? Ask that they give the same to those they love...

Feeling like our own Family Album is a little short on Family Portraits (WHAT?!) - and seeing how these past 5 yrs have flown by all too quickly as a new Mom, I wanted to give some of my local friends something directly from my heart.

I decide to offer an early (QUICK! It's our last free weekend 'til the end of June!!!) Mother's Day Session...just because. Because I can.
Awww - Meagan...!
We've known Meagan for years + we shot her Wedding last Summer...such a beautiful person inside & out...! Miss MIA!! Finally ready to take some photos - 'cause last Summer? Not happening!! hee hee
Nalani's friend Vivvy!! This young lady can rock the Artist's easel like no-body's business! Can't wait to see where that takes her!'s so exciting to make new friends at PreSchool & beyond. Her Mom, Shannon, is totally amazing in all directions! Love them!!
Our daughter shot this one while we were working on the next Family! She cracks me up!
...and my little Mario!!! This young man is such a unique spirit & such a cutie! Adore him + his Momma!!! Erica (in a funny way) probably knows more about me & our Lives than anyone! hee hee
Some of the Moms you might recognize from past photo-shoots - such as the beautiful Caylen. She's one of those people that you just laugh with the whole time you're together...a real sweetheart. Quinny's a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful Mother!
EMILY!!! My newest friend!! So kind, so giving - just a joy to get to know & I'm really looking forward to a long friendship...and those BOYS!!! Just wanna gobble them up!!!!
Miss Kaylie has been a part of our lives since we 1st came to the area 10 yrs ago now...via mutual friends that are more like, a special part of our hearts are always with Kaylie & we're SO excited to see her getting Married later this yr...!
Tell me she's not going to make such a STUNNING bride!!? Love it!
It was positively fun & wonderful to do this Shoot....actually brought tears to my eyes as I sat down to edit last night! (if you're a Mom, you'll understand...) I ran to my Husband for a hug ~ to thank him for helping me put this all together...and being a part of this with me.

THANK YOU to each & every Mother, daughter + adorable son that came to share their time with me last night - to allow me to give freely...I so appreciate it!! Love to all of you!

And, I must toss out a very special 'thanks' to Maria with Testa Ranch for, once again, opening up her space to us local Photographers to play!! xo
Now...a little back-story (if you're still reading this) on that cute, little necklace pictured above that kinda put this whole project in motion....

I have a mommy friend that lives in SoCal that introduced herself to us just over 4 yrs ago through a mutual friend - we became instant buds. As fellow Virgos, we've often been the 'givers' in Relationships. And, she came along at a time in my life when I was feeling so drained of always being just that - the giver.

I had shut myself down to the freeness & unconditional joy I have always felt just giving. It can get a bit draining + painful when it's not appreciated - let alone ever reciprocated. So, once my daughter came along? I put all of my focus on showering her with the love, time & energy I had to give.

But, one day ~ this necklace arrived in the mail. Out of nowhere. A momento that made my girlfriend think of me when she saw it & made her want to give freely. This mantra now holds a very special place in my heart - as this World of ours, most certainly, needs some change...and, I'd love to be able to see it!

I'll start with this simple gesture & see where it takes us all next...! So, I challenge you ~ BE the Change!!! xo

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Ohhhh - - every time I get to 'play' with Teens, I wish I had the opportunity to do it again day after day!!! Last nights' shoot was a little more special since I also shot Mason's older Sister a couple yrs back - and she was home from School this weekend to help us out! So fun!

We started out at the Family Property in Hopland....with his entire entourage looking on! "-)
His Family has this amazing, little Pool oasis right next to their jealous!! Oh - and it was a perfect place for photos, too! hee hee
Once the sun was settled behind the hills, we headed back into Town for a few more backdrops.
If you listen closely, I'm sure you can all hear the laughter & teasing billowing from the car as everyone looked on...?
Awww ~ that adorable Sister I mentioned earlier!!
Oh yes...there they are...the Entarouge. The boys. The 'A Team'!
Thank you to everyone that hung out with me today! Had a blast!
And, Mason! Congratulations on your upcoming Graduation!!! 
Have fun, enjoy every moment & just know ~ it all goes by way too fast...just ask Mom! xo

Monday, March 18, 2013


It's true - I don't always know where I'm going for a Photo-shoot until I get there...which I absolutely LOVE!! You get to go into it with an open mind, no pre-determined backdrops or 'scenes' you need to force & just roll with it! Which is kinda why I think Sarah & Cory just might be so perfect together...they're the type of people to just roll with it! Which is AWESOME...!

Getting to shoot them in this stunning, outdoor environment was amazing! A chance for them to step away from home & take a little break from their Spring-time Gardening at their new house - plus, get to know their Photographer a little bit! And, when they told me they really didn't have anything in particular in mind to do with the Photos? It was Photo-Freedom to explore & play! Thanks, guys!!
These two 1st met on their way to a Concert with friends! How fun is that for a kick-off?! 
- and I'm guessing it's that SMILE that grabbed Cory right away! 
Now wait a one told me we had HATS!!! xo
We were on our way out, a full Session behind us - but, I had warned them...I'm never done until the Camera's are tucked IN the car - and I'm driving down the road...poor things were kind enough to let me play with just a few more poses on the way out...but, in all honesty - I could've shot all day! 
THANK YOU, guys, for being so easy-going & what we here call 'totally chillaxed'! I'm so excited to be working with you this Summer! I can tell it's going to be an amazing day to be a Photographer! xo
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