Friday, November 16, 2012


I'd like to say I live in the Moment.

That I whole-heartedly focus on the conversation at hand, take in the view when I'm out on a walk with each step...having nothing else at all of importance tugging me in another direction.

Truth is? I'm a whirlwind.

And, I find myself saying that entirely too much, to be able to observe someone so positively wrapped up in their Moment - especially on their Wedding day - was so rewarding & touching to me...! It put so many things going on in our own Lives on the back-burner this day & allowed me to just focus on this Moment, too. THANK YOU for that!

This day - Nov. 11th - marked a very special moment for this very special couple. This was the day they had their very 1st Date just one year ago! Having met on-line, I can imagine the anticipation was as astounding then - walking through those doors to it is now - walking through these doors to begin their new Life together! What a magnificent Journey!
Knowing how much I just love the 'details' of the day - Shari was sure to point out that this intricate wrap of today's Flowers actually used to be Moms Wedding Dress!!
 LOVED these shoes...our daughter's sooo fascinated with 'Dorthy' lately! "-)
Sometimes...those moments I mentioned? They can start to get a bit overwhelming..., breathing is good! 
 Mom & her Girls!
 What a classy gift...!
 Ohhh...Daaaan!! We have something for you!!! 
Actually - I'm not even sure, here...! LOL!
Oh ya - let's not forget to go get MARRIED!! 
I could've shot these Tables for days - each & every one with it's own elegant Creation! 
 A cute, little diddy for her new Hubby!
 ...and the Crowd goes WILD!!!
Some Conga with the Boys...
Shari lives this Life moment by moment - you can just tell. She relishes the people around her - looks you right in the eye & gives you her full attention - and, now, sees the man of her Dreams staring right back at her!!! into their Sunset they go! You two go enjoy every little thing Life has to offer - - I know you already know how to put a great, big, juicy Cherry right on top!! xo
And...for all you Photographers out there - when Life gives you Lemons - even if it's a whooole lot of them - go shoot a Wedding - and put that Smile right back on your face!
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's exciting every time we get a Wedding at Vintners Inn - we love it there! It's even more exciting when one of their own Event Staff selects you to document their day! They've seen all the options - inside & out - and I was thrilled when Melissa picked us! From the grounds to the Staff - Vintners is top notch.

That, of course, also meant - Melissa knew exactly how to make her day PERFECT in every way. She's helped countless others - now it was her turn!
 Ryan sent over a beautiful surprise for his Bride. Anything sparkly? Always a plus!
I love this shot...the brides little cousin, snuggled into her Mommy...waiting SO patiently for the big Event to begin while we get dressed...
 And, another patient young lady soaking up the sun...I think they were thinking more 'nap-time' than Wedding time!
Etsy details at their these garters!
Stunning...and READY to see her man!
Ryan & Melissa wanted their day to be an elegant, evening affair that accommodated friends & family of all ages. For a November...that can mean very little light. So, I was so thankful she was willing to slide their Ceremony time up just a bit for us to shoot a few Formals. Thank you!
 A quick, last-minute hair touch up before we begin...
 Ryan's baby (twin) brother lets everyone know we're ready to start this Rock Show!
The Groom getting to escort two of the loveliest ladies of the evening to their seats...
 Yes, it's always good to finally exhale!! "-)
 This just has 'ADORABLE PERFECTION' written all over it!
Gotta keep entertained, right?
 We ducked inside for just a moment to see if everything was set...
 ...then, popped back outside as the sun was setting for a few last poses...
 Sunset...before dinner...perfect time to enjoy the cool grass & some quiet reflection on the day...
Finally getting to let loose, connect & just 'be' favorite time of day for our Brides & Grooms!
Ahhh - the Toasts. A time at every Wedding where some stories are shared. Perhaps a tear may fall, or some laughter shared - but, this is the 1st time I've EVER seen anyone finally earn their High School Diploma!!!
Melissa & Ryan...from the outside looking in...honestly...there was nothing but perfection at every turn. You guys nailed it! From the Dress to the Ceremony...the Flowers to the guys picked out all the right things!!

But, most perfect? What came through crystal clear? The way Ryan looked at Melissa. I caught 'that look' several times throughout the day...when he looks at her? All he sees? Perfection...xo
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