Tuesday, September 22, 2015


It's been a while since we've had the opportunity to work at Testa Vineyards, so when Melanie followed my lead & chose it as the 'Getting Ready' location? I was thrilled! And - they brought all of their friends & family to share the home with them for the Weekend!! I always think that's the perfect way to do it - - who can get enough love + memories in just one day?! Make it a Weekend!
Hair & Make-up just arrived...! I'll keep playing!
The flowers just blew me away! GORGEOUS!
...just checking in...
 Time to get that amazing dress on!
Grandmas' pearls...
Okay, ladies - let's take a few photos before the boys all arrive!
 These BOUQUETS!!!
When we discussed her color palette - I could have never imagined THIS!
 Boys...being boys...
They're here! They're here!
 I'm always so excited for this moment!
Awww - perfection...
 Okay! Let's PLAY & explore - see what we come up with!!
 Back home, it's time to get these two Married!!
 All the flowers just came out! O-M-G! GORGEOUS!
You, guys!! I'm so smiling...!
 Okay - we're done - the night is YOURS!!
 Hey! An, assistant! SWEET!
 Heart cactus?! Who planned that!?
 She's from Michigan...he's from NorCal...now, they call Chicago home!
 ...ohhh...the good stuff!
 We're going in!
 What a view!! Kenny grew up here?!
Time for some laughs...and, love...
 Awww...the 1st dance...
 ...that suddenly erupts in excitement, singing & fun!!
 The bootie-grab - oh YES, he did!!
 ...and, the rest is perfect History...!
 Awww...Kenny's Family had a surprise for us when his Mom, Aunts & Uncles all took the floor!
 Sooo sweet!
...do the stanky leg...
 Watch out...here comes Larry!!
 ...and, Daulton...!
 Melanie & Kenny! What a NIGHT!! You guys were so easy-going, fun & simply amazing to work with! THANK YOU for choosing us to share it with you!! I hope you are loving your photos & they continue to bring you years & years of joy + laughter! I can tell your future together is going to be full of some fun & wild nights - - just remember to keep right on dancing...no matter who's watching!! xo
Venue | Family Home
Dress Design | Truvelle
Shoes | Nine West
Bridal Store | Dame Couture
Hair & Make-up | Rachael at Halo Salon
Engagement Ring | Steve Quick Jewelers
Wedding Bands | Kay Jewelers 
Grooms Attire | The Tuxedo Gallery
Floral Design | Lovin' Mama Farm
Officiant | Emily Conquest
Catering | Daulton Abernathy & Kilkenny Kitchen
Music | DJ Larry
Transportation | Sonoma Sterling
Coordinator | Angela
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