Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It'd been a few months since Jenn & I had been in touch. I knew their baby had arrived in October, but, life tends to get away from me through the Holidays...and, for them - - when a new baby arrives? Life just goes upside down.

When I heard from her a couple of months ago wanting to set up some Family photos - I knew exactly where I wanted to take them. Their HOME!! Adam + Jenn were married up here in the Vineyards...we all met in Capitola for their Maternity Session. But, for these special & intimate moments? I wanted to capture them in their element. 
I feel so blessed to be the one taking Alex's very 1st portraits & I can't believe how perfect it went!! 
It wasn't hard to get him to come right over - he's definitely ready to take the camera & get to work - -or rearrange the entire technology of it & simplify the diversity of the elements...whatever...he knows his stuff!!
Come here & snuggle!!!
...give me those feet! I want feetsies!!!
Sure...we spent a lot of time rolling around...it's what we do!
...after scouting the area for a blustery-free spot outdoors, we settled on their very own patio that overlooked the entire City hillside. I can just imagine unwinding after a long day & just taking it all in...
Next, they wanted to show me Alex's favorite new game - 'where'd Mommy go?'! Adorable!
His room! Sooo sweet!
Yup! I'm teething!!
Before heading out & letting them get back to their Weekend, we crossed the street to the most amazing spot...I would have never known this was here if they didn't mention 'everyone stops to take pictures across the street'...AMAZING!!!
Jenn, Adam...little man, Alex...I am so touched to see you blossom into such a beautiful Family. Thank you for having us into your lives, your home...your journey...it almost feels like it's actually just beginning...! Love, hope, joy to each of you...& sleep...lots of good SLEEP!! xo

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Lynn & Sean aren't the type of people that thrive on being the center of attention - or see the need in having all eyes on them...but, of course, on your wedding day? That's exactly how it's going to be - especially when you're this stunning and have obviously put soooo much time + energy into creating the perfect day for your very closest family & friends...who have come from all around the World to our little Wine Valley just to share it with you!

The couple had found the most fabulous Vacation rental on-line - complete with a full home, pool, a cabin & a barn loft - available for hosting full Weddings - or a tranquil getaway! Perfect for settling in & really making a weeklong EVENT for your guests! It was perfect!
 ...in a way...I felt like the entire days' inspiration started with this ring...
 Ohhh, Capone...so many squirrels...so little time...
Let's get your Momma dressed!
Stepping outside for a few, quick photos...
...just love these colors & the flowers...the backdrop? Perfection!
...up at the main house, the gentlemen had assembled & settled in...
...played around a bit...
...took a sauna...?!
...grabbed a snack...
...and, got ready to see the Bride!
...awww...the girls looking on...love this shot...
...yup, told you she looks AMAZING!
Lynn & Sean have spent a great deal of time together through the years - creating a comfortable life - for both them and they're adorable min-pins! It was just a 'given' that they were all together as a Family here today...to share in a beloved area they discovered by chance on the way to the Coast for a little Camping!
 ...a few final touch-ups before heading back down the hill into town...
Arriving ahead of the Bridal Party, we were delighted at what a GEM of a location the Boonville Hotel was for tonight's event! Not only did they want to showcase the uniqueness of this Venue, they were adamant on delighting their guests' culinary senses, as well! Neither selection did anything less than surpass all expectations!
...stepping outdoors was breath-taking. The entire courtyard was so tranquil!
...the Ceremony site was all set up & surrounded by lush gardens.
WedIt Selfies while we wait for the Ceremony!

...time to settle in & start the festivities.
The whole group!
Spoil yourselves!
...a few more photos with the new Bride + Groom!
...time to join all those besties for the evening.
Yup! Every guest here is pretty darn amazing...!
Thank YOU for coming!
...time to share some more love...
German serenade.
Sean looking on as Lynn's Step-father declares her to be the most amazing Woman he's ever met...I can tell he agrees...
Sunset 1st dance...and, lots of tears...
...I think everyone was falling right back in love with them...
...catching the 'star' in her Starfire with the last light...
Getting some love from Momma...
 Check out those shoes!!
- Heaven -
 ..and, a little late-night snack for the party-goers!
You guys!! I know you warned me at very 1st contact that you actually didn't even want a Photographer there...so, I am positively honored that you selected us to capture your day - - to create memories for you that will now be with you forever & always. I left the night claiming, "...you know? We must have some pretty good Karma - the Weddings this Season have just been PERFECT!" I hope you're all settled back in at home in Colorado - the pups have been able to unwind & de-stress - - and, that Life leads you right back to us here in Wine Country - we'd love to have you! CONGRATULATIONS & here's to many MANY many more perfect days!!! xo
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