Monday, November 23, 2015


Thinking back to 7th may seem like a Lifetime ago to some...but, it also happens to be when JR + Natalies' lives together began!! How amazing is THAT?!

Granted, it took a while for them to realize that their Friendship was something far deeper...something that would bring them to this day! And, what a perfect day it was!!
I arrived at one of our Favorite Venues to find the girls working on getting gorgeous for, I went right to work, myself!
 SPARKLY!! Love these shoes!!
Oohh! The Florist is here!
 Time to get you dressed!
I've explained in the past that how a Woman acts planning her Wedding shows her Husband so much about who she truly is as a person. So much can be revealed. On this day? I could see immediately exactly who Natalie was by the way she acted on her Wedding DAY. Natalie was so laid back & easy-going about everything as I worked. A few minutes behind on hair? No worries. Any input as to how you'd like particular photos shot? Whatever works. Watching & listening - I couldn't have been blessed with a more amazing Bride! She's a DOLL! A stunning beauty - inside & out. Thank you!
 Time for some portraits! sis + Momma. xo
Seriously?! This easy?! - - LOVE!!!
 As you see, the boys are busy nearby, too!
 ...and, now - we bring them together! (love this part!)
 Hi, Mom!
 The grounds are just amazing!
These two together!! ...just makes me smile...
 I'll say it again - I don't think today could get much more perfect...
 Did I mention ROMAN!?! What a DOLL!!!
Come get some love with Mommy & Daddy!
Poor teeth can be so rough!
 Time for a WEDDING!!!
 A little treat as they head out for their final photos...
omg - perfection
Let's move to the Vineyard before getting you off to the Cocktail hour!
So sweet...
 A quick fix & we're off!
 Everything's ready inside, too!
 ...getting some quiet Mommy time!
 Let's Toast!
 "May I have this Dance...?!"
 Awww...I think he might be following JR's lead...
 Anyone for Cake?!
Such a fun & elegant it!
 Back to the Dance Floor!
Photo Booth is OPEN!
Natalie + JR! I am so beyond thrilled we got to share in your special day with you! Not only was it simply an amazing day - it was true joy to see such beautiful people coming together to form such a strong foundation for their Family. May your years together be full of the commitment & honor you shared this day! CONGRATULATIONS!! xo
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