Thursday, August 28, 2014


Every Wedding day is amazing, gorgeous, stunning, full of love & has us swooning. Right? 

How many times do you hear that from us Bloggers? 

Well,  Robin & Jason's day was totally CHILL!! I really felt like we were stepping into the 'stress-free' Zone with tons of friends sharing the afternoon. Friends from childhood, friends from College, friends from work - add in the Family that loves them the most & it was just a PERFECT day...LOVED IT!!
Jason + Robin live in the Bay Area & wanted to share this day in Wine Country. What better place than the Hyatt Vineyard Creek!? We've worked there several times, now, and when I arrived - I jumped right in with the details...
I don't even know how many shots I have of these fun shoes - someone hold me back!
Treats + Gifts for everyone! 
Robin's got her make-up all finished - let's get dressed! 
With plenty of time before our 1st Reveal - we took our Group photos in the Courtyard.
...and, now it's time for you to see your girl!
You've seen this one before - you'll see it again! Love my Hyatt Hallways!
 Robin truly is a gem to work with. She just went with the flow & knew the day was safe in her Vendors hands!
 Look how CUTE these two are together!!
Niels still mentions how telling it was the way Jason exclaimed, "Come on, Robin - let's go get Married." The confidence, the casualty to it - - it was just joyful + told you they are so 'right' for each other.
 ...a quick peek at the Ceremony site before we begin.
Hurry,'s happening!! PHOTO BOMB!
Thank you, Jess, for the snacks while we take some photos!
Time to mingle!!
It's so nice to just plant yourself in the middle of the action sometimes!
All these kids!! I'm loving life!
Dinner's just about ready! Let's head inside & start the evening!
Jason's bestie from childhood + the big Sister that was there to witness it all way back when? xo
Sharing some more love...
Sun's on the way down - let's grab a few more photos!
Robin & Jason met 9 yrs. ago. You could tell by the way they worked together just how comfortable they are with one another. I love that!
Jason was so patient while we worked some magic!!
Still LOVING these shoes!
Well, we're calling it a wrap & releasing these two for the evening!
...a little one on one on the Dance Floor...
...then, it's PARTY TIME!!
I'm sitting here smiling. I truly am. You two were so gracious & charming...just simply divine to work with! We feel honored to have not only been there to capture your day - - but, to watch you come together & share your joy!! I sure hope you won big in pampered in Santa Barbara...and, just enjoyed every moment of that fun Road Trip as Hubby & Wife!!! Jason - when you find that cure for Cancer? We will ALL thank you profusely & I can say "I knew him when..."! xo
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