Tuesday, January 27, 2015


One of the things I look most forward to in my day-to-day life is Travel. It makes me feel alive. It's when we get to be a FAMILY. To be honest, it's truly the only time we actually get to put all of the other things aside that distract us - and just focus on one another - it's our time...it's our bond. 

Although, one of the hardest things I've discovered about Traveling once you become a Parent? Finding the time to actually take photos! 

When you have a new baby you find yourself taking pictures every single moment - because every one of those moments brings a new experience. After a while, it became clear to me that if I was stuck behind the lens for all of those amazing moments? I was not actually experiencing them with my Family in the same way - sure, you're documenting them (which to a Photographer is positively a must) but, if you've always got a camera in your face - you're putting distance between you & your child. It was a difficult lesson to grasp for me. So, when we Travel? I try my best to make a little time for photos - but, also listen to that routine chant of "Moooom! ...put the camera down!!!" ...someday, I know my elaborate Photo-safaris will return - but, for now? I do try to tame myself. xo

Next lesson? When you have a Photography business, it doesn't take long to figure out that your years fly by rather quickly - you live Season by Season - weekend to weekend.

We were fortunate enough to have an amazing 2014 Spring Break - starting with a week at Disney World before flying down to South America to explore Argentina & Brazil! Once we returned home, we were launched right into our Wedding season & that was immediately followed by our crazy Holiday season - which means I didn't really come up for air until the 1st of the year! Now, I am finally finding some time to Blog about anything personal - which brings me to the question : 'to blog or not to blog?!' But,
then, after taking a stroll through all of these photos? I just can't help myself...! 

During our layover in Miami, the little Miss started in on her stacks & stacks of homework...while I presented her with 'Argentina Barbie'...!
We made it!! The reception desk in the Lobby was unreal! Can you guess what I later bought as a souvenir of this Trip that sits with all of our Travel Treasures?! GORGEOUS!!
Having gotten us girls all settled into our room after about 20+ hrs of Travel - Dad actually jumped on another plane & flew into the jungles of Brazil to explore Iguazu Falls for a few days! I can't blame him...you don't come 1/2 way around the globe & miss one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World!
 Making friends with the locals!
The next morning, Daddy got to experience the Falls close up before flying back to the City!! So amazing!
Back from Brazil & the lush jungle, it was time for us girls to finally get out of that comfy Hotel room & EXPLORE this City as a Family!!!
A 'must see' here is Cementerio de la Recoleta. It's more than breath-taking. There's no such thing as too much time to spend here or too many images to absorb...it's just positively surreal.
 You may recognize this young lady...she's quite the celebrity here...
 As comical as we found this? We did not partake in the communal soap stick!
After a full day of exploring the City, we attended a Gala at Palacio Sans Souci.
It's fun to put the cameras down & be the ones all dressed up fancy from time to time! "-)
Okay - I 'kinda' put the camera down...
Lazy time! Let's hit the pool & explore La Mansion at our Hotel. It was amazing! ...sooo hard for me not to sneak into the couple Wedding shoots I spotted going on!
...I didn't believe them the pool was SO warm, so I went on a mini-photo Safari...it was MINI!
I just wanted to open those doors & get lost in there!
 The view from our Hotel was a constant reminder that Life is so, so different for each of us...
 Sorry, Dad, I don't think the cabs here are made for us Americanos!
We were dropped off near the Playa de Mayo & lolly-gagged through the streets...shopping, exploring - just taking it all in...!
 From a distance, the Metropolitan Cathedral didn't quite seem like it would offer the amazement that it did...
 ...unreal! Perfectly peaceful, gorgeous & adoring in all directions.
The Mausoleum of General San Martin stands guarded...
Ducking down underground to the Museo del Bicentenario was certainly a treat - but, EEK! Don't touch the stacks of rubble & dust from underground roadways from who knows when!!! lol
I had never heard of the Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo before arriving in Argentina. Not only moving - but, a very important story to be heard! ...always learning, my little Princess, we are always learning...
 Heading in to explore a private chamber of frescos painted directly on the floor...no touching!
 Entering the National Cabildo building + Museum...
 After seeing so many images of fighting & conflict - the little one is feeling a little 'fiesty'...
Walking back to the Hotel, no matter how amazing things were skyward? ...you always had to keep your eyes on the ground - no ADA regulations here!
 ...an evening of Traditional Tango. Beautiful...
With just one full day left in the City, one of the sights I didn't want to miss (and did most certainly did not disappoint) was the Jardin Japones (Japanese Gardens). It was a gift from Japan & was so serene - right in the middle of all the hustle & bustle of the big City. Gorgeous!
Yes - breaking out in random song or dance is quite common when you're with us...
Exploring (and all that dancing) can be exhausting...
...a little more Tango on our final night...
With most of the morning available to explore before departure, we got out to see the City on one of it's most 'traditional' days of the week. When all the local Vendors come out & take over the streets of the San Telmo district to entertain, share their crafts & sell anything you might desire. I'm SO glad we didn't miss this!
 I could explore Cathedrals all day - and the Parroquia San Pedro Gonzalez Telmo was one NOT to miss!
 From the floors (don't stare too long) to the window ornamentation, I was in awe.
 Back to the cafe' to grab the Family & do some more shopping + strolling before heading home...
One thing our daughter LOVES to do with her Daddy is draw...she was thrilled to watch this Artist adding in his final details...she wouldn't leave...but, alas...we have a plane to catch...
 Just before we left, our daughter had a blast helping me run from floor to floor of the Hotel - leaving a quick, little note at each of the elevator stations! Sometimes? ...we all need a little reminder...xo
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