Thursday, March 20, 2014


As Families, we all go through a 'transition' once we start the Journey to become Parents. Some of those Journeys are quick + easy...others can play out a tad bit longer. Regardless of how we get there? I truly believe everything happens for a reason...this is their reason...that look, their's something you couldn't plan or prepare for ~ it just happens...
When I first met Bethany, it was immediately apparent she was meant to be a Mom. She was a totally hands-on Parent-figure to her young nephew - who was also the absolute sparkle in the entire Families' eyes! Little Giovani was adorable, spunky & positively fun to he's growing up & I'm sure quite an amazing young man! ...soon, it will be Lily's turn to shine + shower this Family with joy!
Mommy looks GORGEOUS!
I know Bethany + Daniel's Journey brought them together for all the right reasons...if for nothing else ~ to show this little lady all the amazing things this World has to offer...and, I also know that Miss Lily is going to have 2 amazing big-brother figures looking out for her!! Good Luck, you guys! I can't wait to see that beautiful, baby girl! xo

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I had the honor + privilege of creating some amazing images for a friend this past week. We've known her + her Family for nearly a decade now & I've always loved hearing stories about her son...he & our daughter are so much alike in so many ways - which brings a smile to my heart.

Erica is due in just a few weeks with her 2nd little boy, so I'm really glad us busy Mommas find time to get these in!
Erica's one of those 'mysterious' souls...she's bright & giving, yet quiet & subdued. So, when she told me her & her husband were starting this Journey? It was ME squealing...she probably just smiled that simple, all-knowing smile...I actually wouldn't really know - I'm always face-down on her massage table when we're together. She's a healer - so, to be able to give her something back after all she's given me brings me tremendous joy...
Awww ~ there's that big smile! xo
Erica, I hope you know just how beautiful you are ~ inside + out! You're positively glowing right this moment...and I hope that light continues to shine on you + your new Family as you nurture one another for all these years to come...we love you all & can not WAIT to see your Family blossom! xo
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