Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Here we are - - our 2013 Wedding Season has officially BEGUN!! DunDunDun...let the Show Begin!!! (yes - we have a very Theatrical 5-yr old here at home...wonder where she gets it?!)

Each year, a Wedding Photographer has what is called an 'off-Season'.

Some of us will take on dozens of other types of Shoots in order to fill the time & lack of income, others will attend all kinds of fun Seminars & Conferences - us Larsens? We try to just ENJOY it!! 

We've had ourselves a PHENOMENAL 'off-Season'...since our last Wedding in Nov., we've visited Florida for the 1st time to embrace Disney World, which was followed up with a few days in the Bahamas on the Disney Dream - we headed to the amazing Opryland Hotel in Nashville for Christmas (a MUST see if you've got little ones) & took our daughter to Disneyland to celebrate her Birthday...oh wait - I can't forget...we JUST returned from 2 weeks in AUSTRALIA last Monday!! 

So, yes - we do find a way to keep ourselves busy...and, I am SO very excited to get back into the swing of things this Wedding Season!! I think this is the 1st Season I've ever gone in WITHOUT frantic jitters - especially knowing we were kicking it off with the Neilson Wedding! As soon as I laid eyes on some of Chelsie & Kyle's ideas they'd been putting together on Pinterest this past January, I just knew it was going to be an amazing day!!
As I stepped off the elevator, I ran right into my adorable Bride - who informed me the entire Wing was set up for anything the girls needed! Perfect!!! I went to work on the elegant & romantic goodies Chelsie had put together for her day. LOVE the way everything came together so perfectly!
Now, this is what we call multi-tasking...pulling the Vows together just minutes before departure - while finishing up her make-up!
Chelsie had one of those 'quick' dresses to put on - so, we had plenty of time to run outside for a few pictures before heading to Barra Winery - where her Groom was actually rushing around finishing the Decorating!
 Kyle is such a GREAT guy! Thanks for being so easy-going & letting us do our thing!
Who's ready for a Wedding?!?!?
 This is Kyle - - with his breath positively taken AWAY as Chelsie approached! "-)
This is right about when our daughter would chime out (in her random Southern drawl) "Awww, yeh, that's the GOOD stuff!" xo
I think I've said it no less than a dozen times...and, I'll be saying it a dozen more - - I LOVE LOVE LOVE when we get to work with Dandelion Floral. Always top-notch! 
All the way from Maryland, this adorable young lady also has the privilege of calling Chelsie her Nanny! I have to say, at 4, she positively ROCKED it today. She did AMAZING! All smiles - all day! The way she gazed at Chelsie, you could tell she was loving every minute of being a 'Princess' today - especially with her Fairy Dust! You could also tell just how proud Chelsie was to have her by her side on her special day!
After way too long with a camera in their face, Chelsie & Kyle were ready to have some FUN!!!!
Me? Let me at those KIDS!!! OMG!!! Adorable cuties in every direction!!
Niels? Well, he's over with the 'other cuties', of course! "-)
Again - I just loved having the opportunity to work at one of our favorite Venues styled so perfectly!
Well, Kelly DEFINITELY has your back, Chels!!
Once we got them fed, we snuck away again for just a minute...thanks, guys! 
Ooooh - there's my girl...!! I don't even know how many times I was editing & had to stop to shoot over some of these photos to the new Bride & Groom!! STUNNING!!!!!
And, how cute is this? Love it!
Finally, time to just dance & enjoy the reception + all their friends/family!!
THAT is one loved Bride, right there...her Mom, her Dad & her Brother all supported her + loved her every moment of the day...I just adore seeing that!! And, you can clearly see Kyle's ready to take over the task...xo
Enough of the formal stuff - - let's PARTY!!!
You, two!!! Thank you sooo very, very much for allowing us to share in this day with you. From beginning to end, it was seamless & so perfectly amazing!! I know you're off enjoying the Dominican Republic - soaking it all in & finally getting to unwind after so much energy & love has gone into putting this day together. I also know, that same love will be put into each & every day as you move forward in your new Lives together...! CONGRATULATIONS & well, HAPPY 4th Anniversary!!! xo
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