Thursday, August 20, 2015


One of the funnest things about being in the Wedding industry has got to be the people. Like THESE people!! Ryan & Christelle were amazing Clients & I was so happy we had the privilege of sharing in their day! They came up from the Bay Area & spent a long weekend in a Vacation Rental with ALL of their closest Family + Friends (seriously - beds laid out in all directions! ...Spouses & Boyfriends here to help out in any way!) & by the time we rolled in? She was ready to burst with excitement! 
 ...the sash for her Dress had a little surprise sewn into it - small pieces from her Mothers' own Wedding dress!! Love that! she slipped on her Dress, the moment she'd been waiting for?
 ...and, the emotions ran over...hugs for EVERYONE!
 ...and, a little AC never hurt, either! "-)
 Look at that hair! The ladies all looked gorgeous!
 What a Living-room! MUST use!! matter what you tell Christelle? Laughter! Perfection.
 ...uhhh...what just fell in there?!
There's our girls!
Without much shade at the Rental, we decided to head out to the Ceremony site for our 1st Reveal... she comes...!
 "Oh! Heeey! Hi, guys!!" come the tears...'s okay...crying is GOOD!! xo
...awww...I love these moments.
 ...a quick once-over before we start photos.
 Okay - here we go with some poses to try...
Whatever works!
 I could have shot this girl ALL day!!
 You guys...! Gorgeous!
 While we wait for one last Shuttle to arrive with guests, I had a moment to explore.
What a BEAUTIFUL Reception the girls at Lily + Mint had in store for us!
 When your Family runs a Blueberry Farm?! Home-made jam for EVERYONE!! Delicious!!
 ...hiding out...checking to see if everyone's arrived...
 There's a reason these are 'your girls'!!
 We got this!
 We're all set!
 Yup! We're ACTUALLY Married!!!
 ...realizing everyone wasn't quite on the same page...
 These girls are amazing! Fun, helpful & a total crack-up!
 Wait! What!? BABY!?!?!?! Awwww!! xo
While guests settled in to their seats, we pulled the Bride + Groom away for just a few minutes as the sun was can see they were TOTALLY ready for another Session!
 Love it!
 Thank You, everyone, for being here!!
 Bottle caps from all their favorite Beers!
What a fun idea!
...the kids will run off & play while everyone's listening to Toasts...
Sooo cute! Thanks for all your help, Bravo Weddings + Events!
Wouldn't have been able to get these without you!
Ready? Set?! PLAY!!!
 ...and, she falls into his arms...
Congratulations, you two! I hope your day was as much fun on your end as it was on mine! I am honored I was there to share it with you all - your Families + Friends are amazing!! I know you often help your Clients through the tough end of a Marriage in your every day life...but, just remember to laugh through it all...hold this day close in your heart & trust in Fate.
...after all, who knew a few Redbull Slushies could lead to ALL this?!?! xo
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