Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I honestly have no idea where the past few weeks have flown off to - but, just as we're all saddled up & ready to head out for some Holiday Fun?  I realized - I better find the time to share the magnificent Madison!! What an awesome young lady!! 

As we 1st started shooting, we were having to wait for the sun to settle behind the hills a bit - so, I had plenty of time to play! YAY! She was just...stunning. Breathtaking. I can't even describe it - flawless!
Exploring the grounds, it was almost like she'd done this before...making my job way too easy!
...oh patience...when you shoot at a Winery ~ you must have patience. THANK YOU for waiting it out so gracefully...we weren't the only ones in awe of the gorgeous location + views & wanting to take tons of photos! "-)
People often ask me how much editing I do...my honest answer? I try to do as little as I can. I'm not a fan of 'fixing' anyone so that they no longer look like 'them' - I try to capture things for what they are & what I see in person...I so wish I could hire this young lady to do the make-up on our Brides! I would be SET! She definitely knows her stuff!
 Wait, Mom! One more stop! It was getting dark, but I just had to utilize this backdrop!
Madison! You beautiful thing, you! I hope your Senior Year doesn't fly by too fast - enjoy every moment! And, thank you soooo much for trusting me with your Photos ~ I know you had done your homework! I hope you're loving some of these gorgeous images we captured! xo

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Growing up, Leslie was 'that girl' I always wished I could be. She was tall, beautiful & had a laugh that could turn heads from across the room.

She & I have been friends since we were about 10. Basketball started in 5th Grade & we were part of the 'Tall Girls'...the 'Amazons' as we were later labeled.

We spent a lot of time together during Middle School - she lived in this big, beautiful home with her gorgeous Mom - and, I admired the respect she & her mother seemed to have for one another...they were friends. Something I have always wished for in my own Life.

Fast Forward several years & a handful of our friends were already starting Families. I remember stopping by with armloads of treats for Baby Brian & just wondering how Leslie was able to manage being a real, life MOM already!? Our giant, Alaskan Malamute had me overly busy! hee hee

Eventually, we both landed in Ukiah ~ and now have children the same age...! She gets to do all the fun, Teen stuff - - AND wrangle Elementary tots!! I'm still in Mother-hood amazement!

We've seen baby Brian grow into a young man over the years & I've told Leslie all along - those Senior Portraits are 'mine'!! He's always been so gentle - so handsome - and sooo photogenic. I'm honored she wouldn't have it any other way!!

So, enough about me (my Husband & daughter are both razzing me as I read this out loud "When does it start talking about BRIAN?!" LOL!!) - let's take some Pictures!!
We started at my favorite spot - - my backyard barn...
Brian is so easy to work with! 
Mom had mentioned she really wanted some photos with these amazing Fall colors we have right now...
Right about this time, looking thru my lens, I just had to mention to Brian that I couldn't believe how totally GROWN UP he is...his reply? "I know! It's gone by SO fast!" I almost started crying...lip bite!
From a Boy...to a Man...
Brian shared with me his plans for his future. They're huge. 
They're obtainable & they're RIGHT around the corner!! 
Leslie has done wonderfully raising this amazing gentleman - and, of course, managed to remain that tall, beautiful Woman I remember from decades ago...with that same laugh I can hear a mile away.

We love you guys & I hope you enjoy these images as a gift from our Family to yours ~ that will continue to represent our Friendship for many years to come! xo

...stay tuned ~ we just might be meeting up again soon when that Lettermen's Jacket comes in - and don't forget your Homecoming King Crown, kiddo!! "-)

Monday, November 4, 2013


When I 1st decided to put together a day of 'Family Sessions', our daughter immediately started asking if SHE could be in charge. I promised she could come - - but, that we would set up her own separate day to shoot all of her Friends on her own. Luckily, that was good enough...for now...!

Poor thing is always asking if she can come to a Wedding - she's never known life without a camera in her face - or Mommy talking to Brides at any given moment - and having me glued to the Computer editing endless images - all the while watching over my shoulder & offering her advice! Thanks, hun! Glad you've got my back!

So, of course, I brought along a Camera & let her play while we worked - and I'm SO glad I did! She's amazing working with kids - - and posing!! Time to put our 5 yr old on the Payroll!
This little lady was definitely the Belle of the Ball!!
Now, with this being our 1st stab at Family Sessions (we normally focus on Weddings) - I was a little nervous. I had allotted 30 mins for each Family & selected a location that would allow for Daytime shooting - as well as Sunset. It takes experience to learn such things ~ so, Photographers ~ always pick a Location that's EASY to find + close to home! These little Angels to start our day with both fell asleep on the way out & had to be awaken from Dream-land. Poor things!
Look at those eyes...just a DOLL!
I positively ADORE this shot...Penelope was trying sooo hard to get her little Sister to enjoy their Princess Time...
And, now, it's time for an amazing couple we met a while back via mutual Friends. I loved shooting with them at their Wedding Venue a few years back ~ it's even BETTER now that they have this spunky, little Miss to play with! Quinny has personality to SHARE!! xo
Wait, baby girl ~ where you headed?!
As the sun settled, it was time for this beautiful Family. We had the fortune of sharing in their Wedding day last year & knew they would shoot flawlessly. I was so excited when she snagged a Booking before anyone! xo
 Mia really had MUCH more interest in playing with Nalani + that Kite we promised to show her!
Another Nalani pose! Man - maybe I SHOULD be taking her to Weddings with us!
And, such a photogenic little thing...! Watch out, Daddy!!
I can't help it - Meagan & Jason are totally gorgeous. They deserve a Solo...
Our little Bunny is hoping away...! That's a wrap!
THANK YOU to our Families that came out to play with us + for allowing our baby girl to step in from time to time! I know I promised you all 5 Files...but, with so many adorable shots - I couldn't help but hand them all over!! ENJOY + HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Larsen Family!! xo
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