Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As I drove North Friday afternoon, I had 4 hrs to take it all in. Niels & I left Humboldt County 14 yrs ago...and had only been back once.

I had forgotten. All of it. The past 1.5 decades suddenly seeming a blur as I was engulfed in an entirely different World than our own Wine-Country we're used to. Hot, dry Summer's - and instead, I was now surrounded by lush, wet greenery that would certainly create the most breathtaking backdrop for a Wedding you could ask for! I was in awe...why would anyone have ever left this beauty!?
Seafha escorted me to her Uncle's house to get the ladies dressed...a home with an elevated view of the winding river into the mountains...I wanted to grab a mug of tea & make myself at home...but, alas - we had work to do!
Awww - I think someone approves!
After a 20 min drive from the Highway - out into land that can only be described as pure & breathtaking (that reminds me - I still have GOT to go get this rig washed!), we arrived to a down-pour! We waited it out - which gave us just about 20 mins for Bride & Groom Formals before the Ceremony was to begin...with a growing crowd of on-lookers...Koiya & Seafha did amazing! Thank you, guys!
Seafha's family comes from four villages near Blue Creek & have been descendants of the area for thousands of years. Ah Pah is a Yurok village in the heart of Yurok country - a sacred, spiritual place. Having come 'home' for this intimate day, her Family was very happy to host the ceremony for us all.
Might as well catch a few Rain-drops while the grown-ups are all busy! "-)
Back to Orick where the Reception was held at the Elk Meadow Cabins. If you get a chance - go stay a while! The Cabins are actually full houses - and can fit your entire family comfortably! LOVED it there!
One thing those Klamath boys know? Their SALMON!! Yummm!
The couples design inspiration for the day was 'Abalone'...from shell accents adorning her dress to the hand cut decor, it was a beautiful way to honor their connection to this Earth.
The Bride & Groom put together the most amazing, personalized Gift bag for each of their Guests...Bees Wax Candles, Hand-made Cookies, Teas...just perfect!
I know it was a whirlwind...but, I hope your day was everything you hoped for. You two positively make me smile - from your youthful spirit to that amazing 'glow' you share when you're heart is full of joy for you! CONGRATULATIONS!! You two have worked so hard to get where you are, go make some adorable babies!! xo
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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Having met at work (shhh - she was his BOSS!!), Vanessa & Shaun have waited years for this day to arrive...a special courtship that developed a friendship that means everything to them both...just as it should be...

Nestled in the hills of Sonoma County, they were Married at a brand new Venue owned by their close, Family friends - surrounded by those that love them most...
It's always fun to see what's happening 'behind the scenes' while the Bride & Groom are a little busy for a moment! Good distraction, Mom! "-)
It was pretty warm & quite blustery, so I THANK YOU for bearing with us as we sped through Formals.
Ahhh...there we go - a little break to regroup, refresh & a little Wardrobe change! Time to Party!
Oh - this Cake looks like it was made just for me!! Adorableness in all directions - Toppers by none other than Vanessa, herself!
Now, if you're at all familiar with Laos Wedding traditions - you'll know exactly why these next two photos are so important...! The Bride & Groom not only visit each table for some love, they also sell shots to everyone - and in turn, are supposed to join in! I can't even imagine how roasty-toasty these two were after 350 guests!! Oh my!! "-)
I hope you two are off on some amazing Adventures this week in Maui! Congratulations & best wishes for all the wonderful things coming your way in this Life together! xo
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


One thing people might not realize about the Wedding Industry? Often times, us Vendors have to plan our entire Lives a good 12-18 months in advance! So, when we had to cut our Jackson Hole/Yellowstone trip short last week - at least it was to spend it with some AMAZING people! 

Mary happens to be close friends with the Sister of a friend of one of our 2011 Brides (hello FaceBookers!)...she saw our Photos & got RIGHT in touch! Small World shout out? I also happen to have Graduated with the Grooms' Cousin some-odd decades ago! (shhh...we're not REALLY getting this old, are we?!)

After some chats & e-mails, we were all set to capture their day & I couldn't be more excited!
I met the Ladies at the Double Tree Hotel in Rohnert Park to get dressed - and, I don't think I've ever worked with a group more prepared for me! (Thank You!) All the details were ready & the girls were dressed - waiting to lend a hand & turn all their attention on our beautiful Bride! YaaY!
First up? These positively adorable Vintage boots! LOVE!
These cute little guys?! Courtesy of Matt ~ just in case she got 'cold feet!' Awww...!
Now - here comes my 1st tears of the day...just 20 mins in? 
A sweet way to make sure Mom was with us on this most important day....
Just a few minutes to spare before heading over to the Ceremony, so we'll stop for a few Formals...
Uh - oh! Water Werks! We're getting MARRIED!!! 
You just wont find 3 more attentive & helpful young ladies...a special squeeze to the Bridesmaids...THANK YOU!
Mary spends her life helping people - it's who she is. So, I can only hope I've done MY job & helped them preserve the magic & moments of this day for an eternity! I feel so blessed to have shared this day with you both - along with all the special people in your Lives. May your days together be full of warmth & love - as I'm most SURE they will be! xo
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