Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Wow! ...what a beautiful day we got to share just before the Holidays with the Janowicz Family! Jackie + I met over the Summer & when she reached out for some photos - I was so excited! They decided to take us over & show us around Montgomery Woods - what an absolute delight! We had never been there before (seriously!) & decided to make it a Family day! So fun!
Loaded up with all of our gear + bags full of snacks, we headed out for our journey...and, quickly discovered just about every turn has a perfect photo spot! With nothing definitive in mind, we just strolled along & enjoyed the scenery...taking it all in & stopping from time to time...to time & then again...to shoot! "-)
 I can't even believe we live THIS close to such lushness & amazing forest!
 ...someone's getting a wee bit sleepy...and, I don't mean dad...
 LOVE this spot!
 Wait! Jordan! Where we off to, cutie?! Wait - seriously - we need to SEE YOU! lol
 Baby down! Baby down!
...no worries...she might miss this next one, but we'll keep on trekking!
 With a little coaxing from Momma, Jerzy woke up for a few more photos...
 Hey, Jordyn?! Wanna take a couple just us?!
 Momma brought along a very special Family blankey for a few shots - Hi, Grandpa! xo
 Wait! Big Sissy has rubber boots & I'm teething, big time!
 I am having way too much fun exploring this gorgeous area!
As a fun little addition for their Holiday cards - since their Family is all over the map - they brought a visual of their (then) current home-base! So fun!
What a wonderful day, you guys! THANK YOU so much for sharing this beautiful location with us - I highly suggest any of you locals get out there & take a looksey! It's amazing! I'm so excited we got to lolly-gag through the trees...spend some quality time...and, make some awesome new friends!! xo

PS - if you happen to get boxed-in at the itty-bitty parking lot in a giant SUV? Be sure Jackie's with you - PERFECT team-work & traffic control getting us unglued!! "-)

Saturday, February 21, 2015


With the colors changing rapidly, it was definitely full-swing Photo Season! 
Next up on our Holiday Shoots are some past Clients & friends of ours!
OOOH! Grandma brought carloads of props to play with...so fun!
Littlest Miss Kight photographed perfectly! SUCH a doll.
How handsome is THIS little Man?!
I just love love LOVE this quilt Grandma made! I want one!!
Katie & her Husband must absolutely adore having such an energetic & beautiful Family!
Awww - Melissa + Chris. 
It feels like forever since we shot their Wedding! 
SOOO great to see them again in front of my Camera!
...bring in the Grand-Family!...
After being SO cooperative, we'd promised some gym time..."hey! What's brother doing up THERE?!"
Thanks for being such a fun group, Kight Family!! 
I'm so glad we got to work with you again & I know we'll see you out there again soooon! xo

Friday, February 20, 2015


Ohhh - the Jacobsen Family!!! Not only are they positively adorable together - they are simply some of the sweetest people to work with. It was a joy spending some time getting to know them better during our Session! I had also never been to the Rivino property, so it was fun exploring just a bit...and, I'm so glad they suggested it!
 How cute are they!? I just love the matching sweater + head-band - great 'tie-in', Mom!
  One word : S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.
 Next, we headed over to the valley overlook & the girls were ready to PLAY, but 1st I talked them into a couple more Family poses.
 Okay - now, PLAY! - you pick the poses...!
 That worked! Get Mom & Dad back over here! "-)
I even handed the camera over to the girls for a couple...just a couple...k...now, hand it back...big camera...Mom needs it back! lol - they did GREAT!!!
Thank you, Jacobsen Family, for trusting me with your Family photos! I hope you had a WONDERFUL Holiday Season & I sure hope to see you all again soooon!!! xo

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Next on our journey of 'catching up' is our Family Mini-Sessions we did back in November! The goal was to take up to 8 Families to 1 location & shoot everyone in a day...alas, Daddy's get called into work...kiddos get sicky...life happens. 

Today? Let's start with the adorable Kimbler Family - who we positively adore...our daughter went to PreSchool with Jackson & it feels like just yesterday us Moms were helping cut construction paper for various crafts + mix up that weeks play-doh! (...tear)
...cute...adorable...positively energetic...I just love this Family...!
 ...they asked to keep their shoot short + simple...but, I talked Jackson into a little play-time! "-)
Next up, we have these adorable Sisters who are about to welcome TWINS to the Family! So exciting!! Mommy's a little camera-shy & Daddy asked to stay off social Media - so, let's just share the girls!! Their joy is contagious. xo
 Last year, I captured a moment quite similar - these two young ladies are SO sweet together...
Aww - smiles all around! Can't wait to meet those beautiful new babies!!
...let's get to the STUNNING Gupta Family! Talk about gorgeous!
 ...and, they COOK! (well, maybe they cook? I don't cook - someone over there might cook? Do women still cook?!) Whatever...they're changing the World for the better - - that's what matters! xo
 Now that Momma got the fun photos, let's get that amazing Family all together!
 Think Daddy might have his hands full over there?! "-)
 Wow! That's one gorgeous couple! Now, I see where the girls get it!
 Thanks so much for coming out, guys! You were right, Mom - fun fun fun!! xo
Our final group of the evening are past Wedding Clients of ours that positively make me smile. Their daughter has soooo much personality + their son, equal amounts of adorableness (is that a word?!) - I love working with them!
As soon as the kids spotted our decorations from home, they were ready to play. Although, we're in the middle of a drought & things didn't look quite 'Wintery' just yet...think they noticed?
 Wait, Miss! Where you off to?!
 We've caught up to the kids - let's take a couple more photos!
 ...and, she's off again!
 I get it - - it's fun just to be FREE!
 I love giving little girls their moment to shine...so cute!
 ...turn around & Big Brother's off conquering the World...
...and, that's pretty much 'a wrap' for this wonderful day!
THANK YOU to all of our Families for coming out! I absolutely LOVED getting all of the Holiday cards in the mail + getting to see our work 'in action' - - as a Photographer, it's so rewarding to know your work is actually being used...enjoyed...and, hopefully LOVED! xo
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