Thursday, October 16, 2014


From roommates to this day? I'm sure it's their common interests that made these two fall positively in love with one another! Joe + Andrea love the outdoors...Camping, Hiking, Climbing...what better way to share your Wedding day than on a gorgeous Ranch (not too far from home) with all of your Friends + Family!? It was perfect!!
Arriving at this Venue for our very 1st time? I actually felt a bit nervous that I had some big shoes to fill in some way. So many photographers had been here before me...and, well, it's a local Venue - I'm a local photographer...I wanted to make sure to get it right! 

Luckily, Red Barn Ranch is one of those locations when you step on property - you immediately feel at 'home'. Upstairs is a full Suite where the girls were able to spread out comfortably & when I greeted everyone, it was like I was with old friends! Ahhh...let's do this...!
Grandma's jewelry provides our 'something blue' today...
 These girls are READY!!
Ohh - - sounds like the boys are still getting dressed! I'm happy to jump right in & use the opportunity for girls to go first! How stunning is she?!?!
 Beautiful Momma & adorable Sisters!
The girls were all so easy to work with - and, GORGEOUS!!!
Hey! The boys are ready!
While everyone's lining up, I can snap a few photos...
 Most of the Flowers around the Ceremony + Reception were grown by Andreas' Father! 
She was so excited to see them everywhere - so, was this little guy! It's been SO dry are pretty hard to come by!
 Hey! ...know anyone ready for a Wedding?!
 ...maybe not quite all the way ready?!
Uh oh - Joe sees her getting a little emotional - this is HAPPENING!! 
...good thing his Brother knows just how to put a smile on his face...calm is good...

 The Sisters looking on...
 Did Joe really arrange a fly-by from his co-workers up there at THE perfect moment?! hee hee
 While Andrea & Joe filled their hearts with love from all of their guests, I had a moment to rush around getting some more photos. The place looked PERFECT
Melissa Smith Catering is always top notch!
What a totally fun way to incorporate the personal touches + their love for rock climbing into their day!
The cake was too cute!
There we go - we have our Bride & Groom all settled in...let's shoot!
 Awww -  bye bye to our beautiful Flower Girl - - the adults wanna play just a bit.
Okay, everybody - - go mingle! It's Bride + Groom time!
 So, so sweet together...
Photo ops in all directions - - just breathtaking!
 No, Niels - the guidance on this pose isn't "just look down her dress..."
Time to leave the flat-lands & do some trekking! (which is probably not even a mini-mound to them...)
 ...what more could you ask for?
 Well, guys - that's a Formal's wrap! Let's set you free!
 Note to Planners across the land - you can not go wrong with a Snow Cone machine!
 Time to get the crew in & start the Party!
 As this little man was gearing up for his Photo Shoot with Mom + Dad? ...I just had to rush over! What a doll!
 Awww...Grandma...she couldn't join us earlier for Formals - so, we came to her...
 ...what a view...
 Grandpa's truck just got here - it's just about dark - quick! 
 Such a great addition to the time!
 Dad's starting off the Speeches for us...
...into the Barn for the Dancing...
 DJ Larry has way too much fun at these things!
You know you're loved when you get serenaded by your Bridesmaid...
Well, guys...I know you're all settled back into work by now...and, last weekend might be a bit of a blur. I hope your Wedding photos remind you just how much you're loved by each & every person that was there with you! From all of the laughter...and, the tears...I can tell your new Life together is going to one fully supported by those around you!! CONGRATULATIONS!! ...and, if you guys tackle 'Life' nearly as amazingly as you do those Mountains?!? I know your Journey together is going to be simply PHENOMENAL!! xo
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Mens Attire | Tuxedo Gallery
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Ceremony Music | Craig Corona
DJ | Larry Thompson
Videography | Best Man (AJ) + Friends!
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