Saturday, July 18, 2015


When I very first spoke to Lorenzo about his Wedding, he told me that he wouldn't trust his to anyone else. After all these years...all the opportunities we've had to share in this most precious day? It still stops me in my tracks when I hear those words. 

Trust. That's a big me? One of the biggest. 

I'm both honored & blessed to be spending the day with Erika + Lorenzo next month...especially after having the chance to work with them, now, for a few Engagement photos!! They are not only totally adorable - they share that innocence & youthfulness that is so easily forgotten when you get to be 25+ years in, like we are. Sooo refreshing!
 They gave me a little warning that they hadn't really had professional photos together before - and, might need a little extra guidance...
 ...and, the endless laughter begins!
 Lorenzo was so proud to share the Estate with us where he works.
They just finished building this suspension bridge over the Waterfowl preservation area & it was just gorgeous! (just hope those paw prints we found were from something having a drink - not dinner!)
Okay - let's head back up to the house for a few photos out back!
Beautiful Erika!! xo
 The entire Estate was breathtaking - I could shoot here all day!
 ...sorry, guys...but, the lighting is JUST right - one more kiss!?
 ...okay, Lorenzo? You look at me...
 Erika...go ahead & slide your hand up his arm a bit...
 Oh yaah...we liiike biceps! "-)
 I am so, so thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know you both better - Niels speaks quite highly of you + your Family. We are positively honored to share in your day - and, if what you just shared with me is any inclination of your Wedding day?! We're about to have the BEST DAY EVER!! xo

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I just adore Amber + Leo. We've bumped into them several times over the past year & every time - it's nothing but smiles from ear to ear. They have been SO excited preparing for this day...and, from the moment I arrived & paused to take in my surroundings? I just knew it was going to take my breath away - from start to finish. I was right.
 Everything was ready for me when I arrived & I got right to work while Amber, her 7 Bridesmaids & a few adorable nieces & nephews finished up their looks for the day...
 I didn't even have to see it on her.
It was 'the one'.
 Okay - I'm ready to get this day rolling!
 Un-bee-LEE-vuh-ble. AMBER!
You are stunning!
Bestie. They are the best for a reason...
 Amber. I wasn't sure if you were going to burst...or melt. I could just feel the emotions wrestled tight inside...brimming...THANK YOU for bearing with me...! xo
With just a few minutes left before needing to leave for the Church, all the girls loaded up & headed out...
 ...wait! Where'd my Bride go?!
Quick jewelry switch!
 Alright, we're ready! to the Church...right on time!
 Leo is all set, too!
 I love when I see a Bride in her moment...that moment she's back with her man... to Hopland!

 Snapshot! All of Leos' lifelong besties were right there with him today!
 ...the wind was unreal. I don't even know what else to say!
 Let's get this Party started!
 ...he can't take his eyes off of her...
Aww - we've never had a BOW Cake! Sooo cute!
 Toast time!
 ...poor baby sister...stayed up ALL night helping get things ready & is just 'done'...
 ...the love felt across the room was infectious...everyone was in tears as their friends shared their love for the Newlyweds.
 Dads' turn! two are inspiring...a gushing Groom warms my heart...
 Who's neeeext!?!? "-)
 Cake time!
 Amber had sent me over a handful of photos she loved - so, once the lighting was just right? ...we snuck away to play...
 ...but, it's the unplanned ones that make me smile most! xo
 I just love these two together...
I know...I love this shot...every time...
The sunset was unreal!
 ...and, the girls go wild...
 ...I'm thinking they are likin' what they're seein'?! "-)
I told you this day was going to take my breath away from start to finish! Look at that sky!
 ...sometimes, you wonder why or how two people are together...
with Amber + Leo?
The more appropriate question would be : how could they not? xo
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