Sunday, February 24, 2013


When Sarah contacted me just a few weeks ago for their Wedding next September, I was super excited! They're getting Married at Contento Vineyard - which is just stunning in the Fall! Rolling hills, green grass & a sunset overlooking the entire Valley - a photographers dream! 

They also knew they wanted to get an Engagement Session in RIGHT away - not only to make sure they had some fun photos to send out for their 'Save the Date' cards, but to also check in with their Photographer + make sure they'd selected just the right person...choosing your Photographer can be one of the biggest commitments of your day (in my opinion) - you want to get it right!!
Sarah told me to be prepared. That they'd never done any formal photos - and that they weren't quite sure what to expect. These two worked flawlessly together - they communicate, they share & they're just 'right' for one another. Just how it should be!
Having met at a bar where Sarah worked, she mentioned that she's usually the one to open the bottles. I think she might've been just a tad nervous watching...?
 Of course, it all turned out alright!
I just love these kind of candid can't 'make' that joy + just IS! 
I have to say - I had to be extra careful working with this ring outdoors - we were in the hills, surrounded by lush brush - definitely NOT allowed to drop this beauty!
As the sun was setting & it was time for me to head home...there was laughter billowing from the house - gushes over the gorgeous couple showcased on my display screen (had to let Mom know JUST how adorable her baby girl has grown up to be!) & hugs for the Photographer...! Yay! I have a good feeling (and hope) that Jake & Sarah are comfortable that they've made the best selection for them...! I can't wait to see what their big day brings! xo

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

up & coming...

For those of you that don't know this young man...I have a sneaky suspicion that some day you just might!
Our Family was first introduced to Kai & his talents when he held the lead role in a local play & his Mom suggested we check it out. She & I had met a few Seasons back working on a Wedding together & our friendship blossomed from there.

Having a young daughter, ourselves, we try to expose her to all this World has to offer - let her find her own interests & path in this Life - and, are so hopeful that will include some form of the Arts. So, off to the play we went! And she LOVED it...especially knowing her Mom & Dad actually knew the Family of the lead character + one of the spectacular dancers! "-)

Months later, we attended SPACE for their rendition of 'Beauty & the Beast' - where we, again, had the opportunity to see him & his beautiful Sister take the stage. Perfection.

When their Mom contacted me earlier this week to see if I could do a few head-shots, I jumped! It was my turn to give back to this great Family that brings joy to all those that have the opportunity to fill those seats & be an audience at their Performances.

So, to all of you Actors & Actresses out there - the Dancers & the Singers - Musicians & Acrobats - I just want to THANK YOU for following your passions, embracing your Talents & giving so much to those of us watching you do what you do...especially when we get to watch it through the eyes + joy of our little ones!! xo

Sunday, February 3, 2013


The best thing about Saturday with Steve & Steph? We did NOT stop laughing the entire time...whether it was us tossing her over the Pool Fence to avoid a walk around the entire Property to get back in, or us girls discussing just how much we're ready for those rock upgrades (although, I adore her ring! So personal & unique...beautiful!) - - we laughed, giggled & laughed some more!

Which is exactly why I'm so looking forward to their upcoming Wedding in July! These two were right at home in front of the Camera - despite their claims it hasn't been done formally since High School - and, when they're together? They're ease - just as it should be!
I started with a couple shots of just Stephanie...while the Fog was just about to burn off, I knew I wanted to take advantage of the great lighting...STUNNING!
Next, we headed out to the Bridge behind the Property...luckily, over the past hour, it had warmed up a bit for them...I was nervous there for a moment!
I always try to shoot several 'looks' for our clients to get a different 'feel' or emotion from their images...smiling, closed mouth, serious...but, for them? THIS is the look...the happy, half-giggle that is just 'THEM'...! Love it!!!
 "uuh...wait!!! I didn't know you'd take pictures of our FEET!!" 
I think Stephanie ALMOST ran to the Mall for some new gear!!
Thank you, guys, so much for driving over to play with me! I hope you have a fabulous next few months leading up to your Wedding - - knowing that it's going to be another phenomenal day where I feel like I'm hanging out with old friends...I just can't WAIT!!! xo
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