Thursday, September 27, 2012


2013 Bookings are flowing in - which means Save the Dates are going out...! While Niels did his best to keep up with the excited Brides attending Sunday's Wine Country Bridal Expo, I stepped away for a little E-Session once we were all set up!

Having told me they might be a little 'shy' in front of the lens, I knew to keep it simple. I don't ever want our clients to feel uncomfortable in front of the's not always a cozy place. I know...I am so NOT a fan of having my own photo taken! "-)

When I mentioned meeting up at SSU, Amanda jumped all over it! Having shot a Wedding there earlier this year, I just love all the different back drops it also happens to be where they met & fell in love! Perfection! Couldn't ask for a better location, then! 
As we began, they informed me they've never had Professional photos done of themselves at all! What!? Not only are they totally adorable together - Amanda is simply STUNNING! That hair, those eyes - - I am SO excited to see her take her 1st steps down that isle next May - - as Nathan lays his eyes on his beautiful bride. I already know his breath will be taken away!!!
Okay - last ditch effort - I TRIED for a little leaf go. Maybe - just maybe - they'll be ready to 'wild' things up a bit now that they know what to expect - - working with them was so effortless and they just shoot so PERFECTLY!!! Stay tuned...! xo

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


When I met Adrienne last December, I was immediately gripped by her absolute enthusiasm for her upcoming Wedding day! Over the MOON enthusiasm! She had selected a Venue that was new to the Wedding World & had SO many ideas & visions! It was positively contagious & I'm so thrilled she selected us to share in her day!
When I arrived at Testa House, the Bride was tied up at the Salon. Which worked just fine with our time-line, as I jumped in on the 'Details'. One thing missing!? SHOES! We searched that house up & down, but - luckily - there were pairs to spare & it all worked out just fine!
Adrienne soon arrived & her Brides Maids got right to work helping get her dressed. 
She looked positively breathtaking!
 Ahead of schedule - we had plenty of time to play around before the Ceremony...
 ...while Niels was outside taking care of the Grooms' Formals!
Time for a quick, 93' Ceremony! I know her Guests were so happy to see them get Married - and that it was only about 11 mins long! Adrienne had been a bit nervous regarding her Ceremony time + the fact that the local fires have had the valley packed with smoke randomly over the past few weeks. In the end - it was a PERFECT day!
Off to hide in the Shade for Formals - we tried to shoot as quickly as possible for was quite warm. I don't know how the boys do it in those Jackets!! THANK YOU!
Adrienne initially told me she didn't want a million shots of her cracking up. I did my best. She's adorable & happy, and - well - - that's just HER! She's FUN!!!
 Veils + Wind = more silliness.
Time for everyone to go hydrate & relax - - while we work some magic with our gorgeous Newlyweds!
 Off to the Reception - for snacks & hugs!
 As the light was fading, we snuck away for a few more poses...
 The boat? It just HAD to be done - - sorry, guys!! "-)
 Coming in for a landing? Not always the most graceful thing - at least we kept her DRY!! "-)
Wow! We don't normally draw such a crowd!! I feel FAMOUS! Hope you got some great shots, girls!!
Love me some Clarks....gorgeous! 
Adrienne called me the other day from the road as they rolled into town following their Mini-Moon of pampering on the Coast...just to tell me how positively 'high' she was about her entire Wedding experience. This warms my heart...puts a smile on my face...and makes that little gray hair that seems to pop up regularly this time of year seem so totally worth it!! CONGRATULATIONS, guys! Wishing you joy & love - may you share this Journey with tons of adorable, little....furry Clarks!! xo
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