Thursday, March 20, 2014


As Families, we all go through a 'transition' once we start the Journey to become Parents. Some of those Journeys are quick + easy...others can play out a tad bit longer. Regardless of how we get there? I truly believe everything happens for a reason...this is their reason...that look, their's something you couldn't plan or prepare for ~ it just happens...
When I first met Bethany, it was immediately apparent she was meant to be a Mom. She was a totally hands-on Parent-figure to her young nephew - who was also the absolute sparkle in the entire Families' eyes! Little Giovani was adorable, spunky & positively fun to he's growing up & I'm sure quite an amazing young man! ...soon, it will be Lily's turn to shine + shower this Family with joy!
Mommy looks GORGEOUS!
I know Bethany + Daniel's Journey brought them together for all the right reasons...if for nothing else ~ to show this little lady all the amazing things this World has to offer...and, I also know that Miss Lily is going to have 2 amazing big-brother figures looking out for her!! Good Luck, you guys! I can't wait to see that beautiful, baby girl! xo

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I had the honor + privilege of creating some amazing images for a friend this past week. We've known her + her Family for nearly a decade now & I've always loved hearing stories about her son...he & our daughter are so much alike in so many ways - which brings a smile to my heart.

Erica is due in just a few weeks with her 2nd little boy, so I'm really glad us busy Mommas find time to get these in!
Erica's one of those 'mysterious' souls...she's bright & giving, yet quiet & subdued. So, when she told me her & her husband were starting this Journey? It was ME squealing...she probably just smiled that simple, all-knowing smile...I actually wouldn't really know - I'm always face-down on her massage table when we're together. She's a healer - so, to be able to give her something back after all she's given me brings me tremendous joy...
Awww ~ there's that big smile! xo
Erica, I hope you know just how beautiful you are ~ inside + out! You're positively glowing right this moment...and I hope that light continues to shine on you + your new Family as you nurture one another for all these years to come...we love you all & can not WAIT to see your Family blossom! xo

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Adam + Kim met discreetly online. In contrast - they had a rather unexpected (to her) & very public Engagement over Dinner. Although ~ neither of these fun facts surprised me after getting to spend the day with them - they are both so easy-going + spend all of their time can clearly see why they're such a great fit...!

Now, going back, when Kim & I did our final consult just two weeks prior to her Wedding day? Rain was nowhere on the radar. Northern California is having one of it's driest years on record. So, when torrential rains rolled in just prior to their date & continued throughout the entire day? It was certainly cause for celebration! What a perfect way to Welcome it!

Luckily for me, Kim was offered the use of a gorgeous Hospitality House owned by her employers to get ready in. It provided us with ample space to get out of the rain & get her dressed + take a few photos before heading off to the Ceremony! Yay!
Family is everything to Kim + Adam. It made perfect sense that they would be spending their day with their closest (and gorgeous) Cousins by their side - - even revisiting the same Venue fellow Family members had used for their own Weddings many years ago!
 ...who says girls need to be discreet?
...get in HERE! Poor thing!
 ...ahhh...much better...
Okay ~ are we willing to even try to get outside...? THANK YOU!
That's a wrap - time to get Married! was definitely all about the Umbrellas!
 Phew! We're dry!
I think poor Adam was a bit nervous there for a moment...
...good thing everything was immediately back to 'right' once Kim was in his arms...!
 That smile - it's contagious...! Kim + Adam were SO great to work with...!
 Yup - still raining! Lush backdrop for a Winter Wedding!
....awww...beautiful Mommas...
 Hi, Dad!
 Peek-a-boo! Time to get the Party started!!
 How cute are these Party-gift mugs?!
 Get over here & give your Mom some shugga!
 Time to let loose & enjoy the rest of the evening!
Adam + Kim...!!! What a wonderful way to start your lives together! I can't thank you enough for sharing it with us!! I hope you are both having a phenomenal Honeymoon in Playa del Carmen!! Now, remember : It's always a good thing to get rained on ~ as long as you have the perfect person to toss on those cozy 'ol boots + go laugh with while you splash in all of those puddles!!! xo
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