Monday, July 21, 2014


Warning : This Wedding is full of nonstop & contagious Laughter + Joy! Prepare to walk away with a HUGE smile on your face! xo

When I first met with Joey + Caitlin a year ago...exploring his Grandparents stomping grounds in Guerneville as we shot their E-Session - we all had an instant connection. 

Caitlin reminded me (in looks) so much of one of my Sisters & I immediately felt like I needed to do everything possible to make her day absolutely perfect! I could clearly see these two were Best Friends & adored one another immensely - something I find makes my job so much easier - when the couple is 100% 'right' for one just makes it that much more FUN!
Niels & I were spending our own Anniversary Weekend with these two for the 2nd year in a row & I couldn't have been happier! They are an amazing couple, the drive over to Napa was stunning (as always) & I knew Caitlin had been working very hard to orchestrate the perfect day for all of their friends + family. I was so excited to be there!
I arrived at the Resort & went right to work as the girls continued getting ready in the Suite... better way to keep those loved ones near...
Smart girl! Cozies for later!
Caitlin had sent me pictures from her dressing room when she was picking out her dress. I could tell instantly she'd found just the right one!
All dressed, we stepped out onto the terrace for a few photos...
...awww - I always love the Momma one!
 Sweet surprises! Always a must!
 Hey! No posting before me, guys! "-)
...with just a few more minutes before departure for the Ceremony - here's Dad!! Handsome!
These two were SO ready for this moment! Beaming!
 Looking on as a proud Sister + doting Father...
Dads start the Sand Ceremony...
 EVERY Bride + Groom should enjoy that time at the Alter by breaking out in random dance!
Don't ya think?
OMG! We just did that?! We're MARRIED!!!
 Hold on! Refresh! Wait...
 ...that was my CHEEK - not my mouth!
 By this time? Formalities were over - they just wanted to play...!
Works for me!
Knowing we wouldn't have the opportunity to pull them away at Sunset, I was positively thrilled everyone was so cooperative during Formals - it gave us the time we needed to get all of our photos squeezed in now. 
 Just gorgeous, guys!
I told Caitlin as I worked that this one needed to be on a Magazine Cover - her Momma agreed!
With just about 5 mins left before Dinner, I knew I had to get across the Property to this wall! Quick!
No, really, STOP!! Just STUNNING!
Okay, guys - let's bustle & line up for the Reception!
(...always my goal to have our Couples RIGHT on time)
 I've been told these two gentlemen spend an awful lot of time 'waitin' on that woman'...!
 Enough time away from our Guests - let's journey into the Cave!
I love when a couple slides right into their 1st's a wonderful opportunity to bring the focus back to the real meaning of the day - this happy + amazing couple!
 I've said it once or prepared...veils can really be a
 Uh-oh! Toast time!
 Kids! Cover your ears...
 ...oh, phew! Sleeping works too! "-)
...this one's for all you Photographers that might try to only shoot with natural light -
here's our light...! hee hee
This group had us laughing in all directions!
 11pm - that's cerfew & a wrap! Sparklers aren't allowed? Let's POP 'EM!
Mr. & Mrs. Junta - I am sooo completely honored that we got to share in this day. You know we've had a bit of a rough go of things here at home lately & I can't think of anywhere else I would've wanted to be that day than with you - - laughing & enjoying all the joy you had to share! It was magical!! Wishing you both an AMAZING journey in this Life together - - there's nothing better than getting to share it with your BEST FRIEND - trust me - we're already 25 years in! xo
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