Thursday, May 18, 2017


Time doesn't stop when you're a Wedding photographer - in fact, it seems to fly by even faster when you live by the Calendar - weekend to weekend - most often times, a full year in advance. But, what's so special about being in the middle of that whirlwind is realizing just how much a photo pauses time & puts you back in the moment.

I can't express how fortunate I feel to have the opportunity to give that to our Clients...and, as we kicked-off our TENTH Wedding Season? I also realized just how lucky we are to get to do this over & over again...
I met with Jolene at the Family home & walked right into a room full of gorgeous girls ready to help keep everything on track. THANK YOU! 
Let's get you dressed!
 gotta say - THANK YOU for the last minute change of locations for getting ready! Perfect!
 Let's head out, girls!
 okay - just stop right there...I can't beat THIS!
 awww...Momma... know...that moment when your Bridesmaid calls out "at least YOUR photographer doesn't have glowing PINK hair!!" - oh...wait...this is actually my 1st season NOT being bright PURPLE! Cracking up!
are you kidding me? GORGEOUS!
 ...meanwhile, over with the boys...
...when ya get caught sneaking a pic...
 ...on our way out & we have one last detail...'something blue'!
I think it's time!
 ...anyone for some PHOTOS!?!
well, they DID sorta meet at the Gym! lol
always...ALWAYS...have the right Girl Crew by your side!!
 Time to spend some time with my beautiful couple!
That ring!! If you follow us over on FaceBook, you may have seen my post from the Wedding about this sparkler. Robbie was so proud to share his story...and, as he did? I slunk away to compose myself & squash the, so sweet...he's had that stone ever since he was young - just waiting to put it on the 'right' finger...and, according to his friends? He KNEW that would be Jolene the moment he saw her...
oohh...CONGRATULATIONS, you guys! I just love when I get to this point of my Wedding day...I feel like this is my special time & I cherish it...
 yah, the wind...thanks for helping out!
Time to get all set for Dinner!
 Mr. & Mrs. Dr. DYEEEE!!!
 oooh...don't blame ya one bit!!
 Can I get a picture?!
 Wait! I saw Karlie sitting at the Ceremony - it wasn't until she stood up I that saw THIS!!! You guys!! ...get over here!! xo (how special is it that I get to live in a Community of our Clients & watch their Families continue their Journey!?)
 Mind if I sneak you guys away for just a FEW minutes...? These really do make all the difference!
 Brother's on the mic!
 when you know it's all true...
Daddy's girl...
 Helping Sister regain her composure...hugs...
 Anyone for some dancing?
 ...and, away we gooooo...
 awww...this was one happy, little man... a Blister in the Sun...
 Robbie + Jolene, thank you so much for choosing us to share in this day! It felt so great to be starting our Season with - not only an amazing, young couple - but, so many people we a location we enjoy. You two are clearly so comfortable together - the smiles, the laughter, that look...I hope you continue to hold that closeness you share foremost in your heart - it shines SO brightly!! xo
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