Monday, May 16, 2016


I had a feeling coming into this Wedding Season might be a bit more emotional than usual for me. Our Daughter had filled our lives recently with her own 1st love & watching that complete Journey has been...well...emotional.

Sure, I always have tears at our Weddings - our Clients' joy becomes our own...not to mention I've always been a total mush...but, I could tell as soon as Kortney started sharing their Love story with me last month that this day was going to strike home...

The fact that she, this day, was marrying her own 1st love...that their story began all the way back 10 yrs ago as she was entering High School - the sweet memories of when he happened to punch his number into her phone on his way to Football practice so they could start keeping in touch? It's little things like this that stay with you forever & I am so touched to be watching their next Chapter unfold!

Such a blessing to know that when fate (and your big sister) brings people together...following your heart is always the right thing to do...and, it reminds me just how positively blessed I am to be sharing my Journey with my 1st true love + my own High School Sweetheart...all these years later...
We started our day at the beautiful Testa Ranch in Calpella....the Family property...such a perfect spot for everyone to feel comfortable + 'at home'.
Look at this place!
 What a fun idea for the Bridal Party boys!
 Their Story.
 Being a Graphic Designer, Kortney laid everything out ahead - so cute!
 Time to get dressed, Martinson ladies!
 Wedding Socks! - a must!
 Awww...Momma! ...I love this Woman...such a heart of gold...
 I thought it was so cute that they were both getting neck attire at the SAME exact moment! final touch...
 What a cute idea...3 loved women bound together...
 Let's step outside before the boys all get here!
Such a kind Family...! You've done good...xo
Time to get hidden before all the guests arrive + get a little touch up.
...contemplative nerves...
 Awww - gorgeous...
Look at her handsome man!  
 It's almost time...!
 Let's get Married!!
Some of the guests attending approached me during the Reception to ask if they had seen me with tears as the Ceremony was beginning? ...yes...yes you did...I told you...Momma-mush...!
 Oooh - Amanda!
These two! So simple & sooo, so in love...!
 Hugs for everyone!!
 Hey! At least the girls didn't almost FACE-PLANT the Groom, boys!! "-)
 Let me at 'em!!
...just...meant to be...
 Pretty much up for anything!
 I don't even have words...
 "Can I sit for some shots?!" - YES! Yes you can! Do you know how long it's been since I've had a bride willing to put her dress in the dirt?! I've totally even stopped asking! lol
 You can't miss this at Testa!
 Here you go, guys - it's time to Party!!
 The boys made a huge 'nest' for all the kids - so cute!
OMG! Don't touch - it's too PRETTY!!
 Mr. & Mrs. MORRIS!!!
 Rain is here? ...time for Toasts!
Ohhh - it's not just the rain getting everyone soaked...xo
 ...anyone for some Cake?
 I lost it when Kortney asked me my opinion for her 1st Dance song...she sent me a link to the most amazing acoustic rendition of Bryan Adams 'Heaven' by Boyce Avenue...THANK YOU for the changes! xo
 Nothing makes me want a son more than the Mother/Son Dance - gets me EVERY time I'm sitting here sweet...
 SURPRISE!! Grab the chair - you're going up!!
...and, the rest is wild + crazy, fun times HISTORY!!!
 Kortney...Kyle? I usually have some prolific advice + words of wisdom to share. But, after seeing 1st hand just how WONDERFUL your Tribe is that surrounds you? ...the love encompassing you from all of your Family + Friends? I whole-heartedly know your Journey will continue to be so full of love & tenderness. You have so much wonderful guidance already there in place. Always follow your hearts - know that Best Friends always come 1st & that Love CAN last an eternity...xo
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