Sunday, June 30, 2013


I love love love Sarah & Cory. Period. I'm done.

Okay ~ you know I'm not. But, it just had to be said!! xo

I had the opportunity to get to work with them a little bit earlier this year when I shot their Engagment photos. Which is always such a fun time to get to know your Clients, your Photographer & just BOND a little bit. Hearing some of their thoughts & ideas for their day made me super excited as it approached!

...arriving at the Saratoga Springs Retreat Center in Upper Lake, it was immediately clear exactly why they had selected this Venue. Every aspect of it just called out 'Sarah & Cory!' It was about Family, it was about our connection to this Earth & it was just about 'being'...allowing yourself to actually experience this whirlwind of a day moment by moment in order to take it all in...

They wanted a place where everyone they cherished most in their lives could embrace one another - take the time to really get to know each other as they were becoming Family - and not only for the few hours of this day, but for the entire Weekend! In every direction, personal touches surrounded us to ensure the comfort & enjoyment of everyone in attendance...all encompassed by serenity & love.
...and then, out comes the latest creations from Dandelion Floral & I'm just giddy!
 As a glass-blower, it's only fitting Cory proposed with one of his own creations!
Hey, Cory! You know we're getting Married in about an hr, right?! "-) 
One of the funnest moments was trekking up into the hills a bit on the Golf Carts - past all of their Camping friends cheering out to them - so that Sarah could fall into Cory's arms for some photos...
 I hope you felt just as stunning as you looked, Sarah! xo
"oh, by the way, did you see the boys' socks?!"
 I usually have just a moment to take in all of the 'details' of the Ceremony before the Bride's heading my way...and, my breath was most certainly taken away!! The transformation of a Cabin + Camping Retreat to an elegant, upscale Wedding was phenomenal!
 Okay ~ I'm back to these Leis...! GORGEOUS!
 Cory's girls are ready!!
 Little ones take the cutest pictures ~ Even if they're not quite into taking them! "-)
River was so patient & involved throughout the day! 
Off to see the Sunset...but, where's Bob with that Golf Cart?!

I'm guessing these Desserts were as amazing as they looked! 
They were being gobbled up as quickly as Travis could get them out! 
 Having met through their love of live Music, it's SO fitting a Live Band was there to celebrate + help them Party the rest of the night away!
 What a cute & fun idea ~ personalized bottles of Wine to open each year on their Anniversary - decorated by their Table guests!
Cory & Sarah!! What can I even say...? You two know how to take care of all those you love...right from your souls. It was so phenomenal to witness all the love + support your Family & Friends have to give you - and, you to them! I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to share this Union with you - - and just can't wait to see where your Journey takes you next!! Although, I know we all saw that special twinkle in your eye any chance you had to gush over one of those adorable kids!! ...I think it's a pretty easy guess what might be next! "-)
PS ~ Don't forget to keep me posted about ALL the awesome Travel tips for Thailand! We're NEXT!! xo
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