Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Ohhh - Senior Portraits. If I had a wish? I would get to shoot these again & again. They are my absoulte favorite!! The excitement, the anticipations...the FUTURE. It just brings me so much joy & I am so thankful each & every time I get to work with a Graduating Senior! This time was even a little more special to me personally...we know Miles through the local Performing Arts School - a place very near + dear to our Family. I was THRILLED when he chose us to capture his pictures for him!!
Miles is pretty laid-back...he's kind & gentle...I wanted to capture that in his photos - because, as you will see in a bit - he's also positively hysterical!
 There is nothing more stunning than someone that doesn't even know how amazing they look in front of the lens...soooo handsome!
 Miles specifically picked SPACE to shoot at - it becomes a Home away from Home for their Students...
 Home away from Home - your Castle? Whatever...! OWN IT! 
(catch that? Shout-out to the Troop!)
...get back over here, silly!
 Miles - Thank you so much for the joy + laughter you have given our Family. Thank you for the time + energy you put into being the best that you can be - and, most of all - never stop reaching...growing...wanting more. It's yours for the taking, my dear...and, Momma - you've done a BEAUTIFUL job raising that young man of yours. CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!! xo
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