Wednesday, August 14, 2013


If I could shoot this Wedding each & every weekend, I would! There's something about walking right into the arms of an excited Groom when he sees you + the smiles of this positively GORGEOUS Bride lighting up the room that makes being a Wedding photographer sooo much easier than anyone could ever imagine.

Chelsea (it's the name of the yr for us!) + Matt planned a destination Wedding all the way from Texas - right here in our very own Wine Country backyard  & wound up hosting a flawless Event! Sure, we walked down the isle a little later than anticipated - but, it gave me all the time I needed to shoot - so, I'm calling it a win! "-)
I started the day with the ladies at the adorable Terra Savia property right in Hopland. What a gem!
The moment the dress is on is always a flood of emotions...let it out beautiful, Momma...let it out...
 ...oops! We're a little stuck! Grph - got it!
 ...time to see her man! I think she was doing FINE 'til this moment! "-)
 I know ~ I know. The bootie check.
Heading out to Contento, Matt asked me what % of our Weddings actually start ON TIME...I took that as a cue that perhaps this one wouldn't be? LOL! We called ahead + sure enough, trying to shuttle 150 people from Ukiah to outer Hopland was proving to take more time than expected...which worked PERFECT for us!
Chelsea took everyone's breath away - Matt couldn't take his eyes off of her...
 ...but, then, you put them together?! SMOKING!!!
...ah, heck - get that Bridal Party over here - let's knock those out, too!
1 more minute? Let me back at her!! OMG! Flawless!
 Awww ~ Dad's 1st glance...
 Hey! Everyone's ready - let's get MARRIED!!
I was amazed at how beautiful the food all was!
 Chelsea's Mom claims she had to kiss a few Frogs before she finally found her Prince...
With each Table adorned with a various mix ~ the Centerpieces were adorable!
All the 'ladies of the day' were adorned with these gorgeous hand-made accessories! LOVED it!!
 What a fun + unique Cake! Love it!
...we'd barely gotten food in them, but the sun was settled behind the hills & we had just a few more shots to take...THANK YOU for sneaking away with us!
 If you happen to be able to land these DJs? ~ DO!! AWESOME!
Think maybe Matt's a happy man right about now?! "-)
 Chelsea's Mom presented her new Husband with her childhood foot sweet.
 ...Matt + his Mom tear up the Dance Floor following their Traditional 1st Dance...
 ...oooh - - he's getting SCHOOLED right thurr!! of my favorite things about Contento? 
You can Party 'til 1:30am with these Rock Stars should you see fit! I drove off that evening, into the darkness, I put on my favorite Hawaiian music CD (the little one's not with me? Mom's pick!!) & felt tears welt in my eyes...for whatever reason - I just felt like the luckiest girl on Earth in that moment. I just got to spend the day with the most amazing, amazing Clients! Such joy + happiness was shared by everyone & I feel SO privileged to have been there to witness it! THANK YOU so much for sharing your day with us - - and I hope Mexico is positively phenomenal right now ~ fun, relaxing, gorgeous ~ just like a Honeymoon should be!! Best Wishes + many, many happy years to you! xo
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