Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Oohh! I've SO been waiting for this one!!! And, I don't think I'm the only one..having had dreams about marrying someone named 'Sean' since she was a little girl...this young couple first crossed paths when she was just 12! Fate sure works in mysterious ways...! 

When I met Britteny & her Mom to discuss their Wedding a full year ago, I would've NEVER guessed that this beautiful, eloquent & very organized young lady was just 17! She knew every last detail of how her day would be - and seemed absolutely READY for her Wedding day! Which must mean, this day could not come fast enough! 

The Bride & Groom chose the Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse for their very intimate Ceremony - in order to step back into old-time elegance & Vintage grace. Every last detail transformed her back to a much simpler time...aside from the line of Public spectators in the background snapping their Point & Shoot Digital cameras over the Headlands, that is! "-)
I had to rearrange the dressing area no less than 5x to accommodate different shots - but, as soon as I saw this couch under the heap of gear, these photos were NOT to be denied!! LOVE LOVE LOVE my gorgeous Bride! I could post about 50 more shots of JUST her!! "-)
Britteny happened to have a few surprises for Sean throughout the day - one of which was to pay homage to his futuristic interests - as they spent their very 1st moments as Husband & Wife exiting to the Star Wars Theme...note the chuckle on his face...! (Courtesy of her very own Violin Instructor!)
After some Formals, we were off to The Kelley House to set up & give the Videographers some alone time with the new Couple. The fog was rolling in...but, luckily, we were able to get a few more shots before the drizzle got heavy...
I sure hope you two were able to enjoy each & every moment of this day you put so much time & thought into - it was simply gorgeous - just like you! xo
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Monday, May 7, 2012


I first met the Mrs. at one of our Bridal Shows earlier this yr. A beautiful Photographer friend of mine (holla, hottie!!) had INSISTED she use none other. I was positively thrilled - and actually quite nervous! She has worked with some pretty great Photographers over the years & creates phenomenal images herself, so for her to be sending her personal friends our way, I was humbled.

When it came time to sign the Contract & put our ideas together, I was asked to keep everything Private - not to post any images from Sat's Wedding. As extremely difficult as that is for me (especially with her being so totally GORGEOUS in her bridals), the Bride & Groom value their anonymity in our Community.

While this isn't the 1st time we've been asked to keep someone out of the spotlight, I've SO grown to love sharing my Blog, luckily, they were willing to allow me to post a few & run with it!! THANK YOU!
Joined today by the lovely Dawn Tipton Photography, we began our day in the beautiful, rolling hills of Healdsburg. Having been waiting for this day for what most certainly feels like EVER, the Bride was completely dressed when I arrived - ready to GO marry that man of hers!! Since the girls were doing hair/make-up in nearly every room, I went ahead & just ducked outside with the adorable 'baaaing' sheep to capture some details before we moved into some Formals...

One thing I positively adore is walking into a room of foreign accents. It conjures up fond memories of places we've been - and excitement for Adventures yet to come...this day, we were surrounded with Culture & diversity in all directions - LOVED it!
Next, we were on our way - following the marathon of Bikers all the way to Calistoga...not for Mud Baths or Massages (yet) - but, to get MARRIED!!!!
After a beautiful & touching Ceremony, everyone headed to Trione Winery for an evening of deliciousness & festivities...for those of you unfamiliar with any of the Vendors below - PLEASE be sure to check them out! The food was superb, the DJs were PHENOMENAL & all the details came together beautifully! 
To my amazing Clients : I hope you both enjoy every moment of making that adorable little nest full of chicks we discussed...'just like last night!' xo
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