Monday, June 20, 2016


One of the best things about living this life that we've created is that we are always surrounded by Love. New love, established love, cherished love. It's one of those things that is always changing...yet always teaching.

Young love is a journey in & of it's own. Because of that journey, your bond is so much stronger than you could ever explain. The fact that you have grown together, formed your morals together & through it all? Found that Marrying your Best Friend is all that really matters!

Liz & David waited 10 years for this day. And, what they put together was positively flawless...!
 I was asked to avoid shooting too many 'details' - which gave me plenty of time to hang out with these fabulous ladies. OMG! Just loved them!!! were so so stunning!!
 That hair! Perfect!
 awww...Mom's helping with Grandma's bracelet...
 Stepped outside real quick before the boys arrived!
 ...just look at those colors!! I'm in heaven!
 Mom tells me NOW she's camera shy?!
 That's a wrap, ladies - time to hide!
 The Suite was perfect...especially to cool off from the muggy heat for a minute before the Ceremony!
 Look at that view!
 ...just gorgeous...
 Looks like we're all set!
What a fun idea!
 I just love getting to hide behind the lens & people-watch!
 Ohhh - cutie! Wanna come be a baby Sister?! xo
 Looks like it's time!
I can't get enough of these two! we goooo...
 That young man could not take his eyes OFF of her...
 see that? true love...and, as she approached? He whispered to her Grandpa at the Alter, "I think I just might black out" cute...
 Sorry, guys - here comes the sun!
 eww, no! ...kisses? That's my BROTHER! lol
 Time to get the crew to the Reception!
 okay...I managed to get a 'few' photos of the details! "-)
...meanwhile...back up in the Suite...
 Hi, Mom!! I see that!
 I just loved watching these little ladies...
 Reception!? - 1st? let me take a Selfie...
 The new Mr. & Mrs.!!
"Thank you..."
 These boys...!? T-R-O-U-B-L-E!! ...wink
 Looks like the sun is calming down - let's head out...!
 I just love these two perfect...
Getting back to the Reception...
...a little more mingling...
 ...some heartfelt toasts from loved ones...
 ...a few tears...
 " these boys kept me quite busy" ...oh...I can only imagine, Momma! lol
 Come here, you...!'s not hard to find someone to spend your life with - the challenge comes in finding the right someone! Liz + David? You two are absolutely perfect together. I know you've both mentioned that your Journey here was long...that you've been through so much - but, please know that everything does truly happen for a reason & that reason? Forever + Always. 

Thank you so much for choosing to share your day with us. Your Family + Friends were all an absolute blast & you both were, kind, hilarious & awesome!! I'm so excited to see your Lives unfold from this day forward - I just know it's going to be amazing!! xo
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