Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Growing up, Leslie was 'that girl' I always wished I could be. She was tall, beautiful & had a laugh that could turn heads from across the room.

She & I have been friends since we were about 10. Basketball started in 5th Grade & we were part of the 'Tall Girls'...the 'Amazons' as we were later labeled.

We spent a lot of time together during Middle School - she lived in this big, beautiful home with her gorgeous Mom - and, I admired the respect she & her mother seemed to have for one another...they were friends. Something I have always wished for in my own Life.

Fast Forward several years & a handful of our friends were already starting Families. I remember stopping by with armloads of treats for Baby Brian & just wondering how Leslie was able to manage being a real, life MOM already!? Our giant, Alaskan Malamute had me overly busy! hee hee

Eventually, we both landed in Ukiah ~ and now have children the same age...! She gets to do all the fun, Teen stuff - - AND wrangle Elementary tots!! I'm still in Mother-hood amazement!

We've seen baby Brian grow into a young man over the years & I've told Leslie all along - those Senior Portraits are 'mine'!! He's always been so gentle - so handsome - and sooo photogenic. I'm honored she wouldn't have it any other way!!

So, enough about me (my Husband & daughter are both razzing me as I read this out loud "When does it start talking about BRIAN?!" LOL!!) - let's take some Pictures!!
We started at my favorite spot - - my backyard barn...
Brian is so easy to work with! 
Mom had mentioned she really wanted some photos with these amazing Fall colors we have right now...
Right about this time, looking thru my lens, I just had to mention to Brian that I couldn't believe how totally GROWN UP he is...his reply? "I know! It's gone by SO fast!" I almost started crying...lip bite!
From a a Man...
Brian shared with me his plans for his future. They're huge. 
They're obtainable & they're RIGHT around the corner!! 
Leslie has done wonderfully raising this amazing gentleman - and, of course, managed to remain that tall, beautiful Woman I remember from decades ago...with that same laugh I can hear a mile away.

We love you guys & I hope you enjoy these images as a gift from our Family to yours ~ that will continue to represent our Friendship for many years to come! xo

...stay tuned ~ we just might be meeting up again soon when that Lettermen's Jacket comes in - and don't forget your Homecoming King Crown, kiddo!! "-)


Anonymous said...

WOW!! i love this! you did an amazing job! i love the story that u put behind it! amazing!! and i love how u explained leslie!! i love her laugh and she is an awesome mother!! i love them so much! And my little cousin isnt so little anymore! :) thank u kindly for sharing your work!! great job!! ~ Star

Anonymous said...

You brought back so many memories about growing up when I read this story. We all had so much fun as kids and now we are all Mommies with grown kids (I have one at Sac State already) and little ones too. Wow how time really flies! Stacey Hosier

Anonymous said...

Can't tell you how happy we are with the pictures. You did such a good job capturing "our Brian". Reading your comments brought tears to my eyes - we are so pleased to be here in Ukiah where we can still have an active part in their lives. Of course your comment about "gorgeous Mom" was one of my favorites!!! You have such a talent...I even liked looking at the pictures of complete strangers! Joan (Leslie's mom)

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